Film «The Universe Stephen Hawking» 2015

Film Universe Stephen Hawking 2015

The plot of the film «the universe Stephen Hawking» based on real events. The talented young physicist Stephen (Eddie Redmayne) lives as all students will: attend lectures, go to parties, listening to music. But in his life passion and his first love — physics.

The premiere of the film «the universe Stephen Hawking» was held on November 7, 2014, so in the cinema you are unlikely to see it. The ideal option is to watch movies online in the best quality you can find.

In 1963 at the life of Stephen Hawking comes another love — girlfriend Jane (felicity Johnson), who turns the world of Stephen upside the head. Young people as two particles with different charges, which attract each other. Together they go dancing and to visit. Steven is inspired by love, he decides to write a doctorate on the complex topic of astrophysics. All that it is — Black holes and Jane. But fate cruelly laughing at the boys, sending him a test — a severe incurable disease. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis progresses, Stephen increasingly difficult to walk and talk. But darling believes in him and does not leave, despite all the difficulties and obstacles, and the friends and professors of the University of Cambridge support.

So He becomes the youngest doctor out of the flow, but also — and young father. Paralysis, more binds the body, but Steven throws science. He believes that the power of thought is able to break any chains that the universe in his head. Bold ideas of Dr. Hawking excite the minds of scientists, he published one work after another, he is invited to conferences in many countries of the world. When He fell ill with pneumonia and the doctors are ready to disconnect him from the machines, that Jane insists on reviving and saving his life. Although people think that humane is so deep the disabled to die, his wife has no doubt that the intelligence of the scientist needs to live and grow. Stephen Hawking loses the ability to speak, but thanks to a speech synthesizer, can chat with friends. A talented scientist had already 3 children and world fame, but his wife is growing more distant from him. Despite the divorce, Steven and Jane feel hot and friendly affection to each other. Although Jane’s life comes another man, she invites Stephen to accompany him to a meeting with the British Queen.

A brilliant game for the young actor Eddie Redmayne gave the film a masterpiece on a high level. The real Stephen Hawking wrote the Director James Marsh that it seemed to him that he sees on the screen of himself in his youth. Redmayne won the Oscar for the main male role award screen actors Guild USA.

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