Festival of contemporary art Contemporary Visions

Festival of contemporary art Contemporary Visions | 2nd edition (Modern Vision | the second edition) announces the reception of competitive works. It will be held in Florence in early 2014. This international festival of contemporary art aims at the discovery of new talents in the world of visual art.

For the first time the festival collections of contemporary art Contemporary Visions was organized in 2013. The organization of the festival is the team DAY ONE, composed of experts from the field of communication and art. With their help, any talented creative person can Express themselves not only on the stage of Florence, but all over the world.

The focus of the exhibition and conditions of participation

The main directions of the festival of contemporary art Contemporary Visions : painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, illustration, graphic design, video art, engraving, virtual and digital art.

Participation in the festival can take absolutely all the creative people without age limit, who have their own original vision of the modern world. Everyone may submit 1 to 4 works on a free theme. The main condition is that Your work could fit on an area of 1 m2.

Send the application form for participation in the exhibition is until 1 December 2013. Those who send the application until November 7, enjoy a discount of 20% on the registration fee.

Schedule of exhibitions

Winter Session:

  1. ArtCloud#1 from 10 to 31 January 2014 @MULTIVERSO, Florence (Tuscany)
  2. ArtCloud#2 from 7 to 30 March 2014 @MULTIVERSO, Florence (Tuscany)
  3. ArtCloud#3 from 4 to 27 April 2014 @MULTIVERSO, Florence (Tuscany)

Summer Session:

4. ArtCloud#4 June 2014 @Liguria, Portovenere / Cinque Terre (TBC)

Autumn Session:

5. ArtCloud#5 from 8 to 30 November 2014 @MULTIVERSO, Florence (Tuscany)

How to apply

If You want to participate, send application with all necessary information, at festival@dayone-art making:

  • High quality (s) image (s) (them) of the work (s) art
  • High quality photo closeup
  • Resume (CV)
  • A brief description of Your (their) work (s) art (max 10 lines)

The application form can be downloaded here: dayone-art/?p=1561

If You need further information, email us at festival@dayone-art or visit the website dayone-art









A few photos from the festival collections of contemporary art 2013

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