Felting wool felting as an art

Felting wool felting as an art

Felting or felting wool is now considered one of the most common types of handmade work. The simplicity and accessibility made felting is a very popular hobby among the Amateurs and professional artists. In this article you will learn about the art of felting and see what I can do with this material.

Felting wool felting as an art


Felting is a special technique of creating different items from spun wool. You can use it to make clothes, accessories, paintings, toys, murals, and more. This technique is known to mankind since very old times. Scientists believe that the spinning quality and the property of wool to fall, people found about 8 thousand years ago, before he learned to domesticate animals. Then we used the pieces of wool of wild sheep, which have a low ability to stall. Only after people domesticated horses and dogs, they learned to raise sheep in a herd. It happened at about 5-6 century B. C. E. This period is considered the beginning of the domestic production of felt.

The hair falls due the special structure of wool fibers have a scaly layer of the cuticle. It is the cuticle of the wool fibers interlock with each other, under the influence of friction, pressure, hot water or steam. It is this ability of the wool used in felting.

In ancient times, the wool felting was the basic material for weaving and manufacture of felt. Felt was used for making clothes, footwear, rugs, saddle blankets, they covered the Yurt and made weapons. Many nomadic peoples with felt connected many legends and is suitable because of its large role in the life of nomadic peoples.

Today felting became the property of the artists and lovers of needlework. There are several types of wool, each of which is used when a particular technique of felting. For the manufacture of toys, use coarse wool, and paintings need a sliver for felting buy. There are also types of wool: verblyuzhka, BSEC, wybalenna and Angora.

In Russia, the felting was distributed everywhere. Warm and light wool is well warmed in cold winter and was easily accessible. Felt did the famous Russian valenki. Boots first appeared in the late 18th century in the Semenov district of Nizhny Novgorod province. This Shoe was so popular that the samples were exhibited at the world exhibition in London in 1851. Today you can buy felt in Yekaterinburg or other city of Russia with absolutely no problems. In many villages of Siberia mistress and to this day can make felted clothing, blankets and shoes.

We should also highlight felting as art direction. The ability to the staining of wool and felting are used not only at home but also to create a beautiful felted paintings, sculptures and toys. It’s not necessary to have arts education and training in such art available to everyone. For example, to create a picture, you will need some colorful natural wool and soapy water. Figure you need to put small scraps of wool, to wet and incorporate with your hands. After drying, this pattern will be similar to a small rug. This technique is called wet felting. There is also the technique of dry felting which uses a special needle with a long serrated blade. It is used to create dimensional sculptures and toys.

Below are the most attractive specimens of art felting or felting wool.

If you do felting, I’ll be happy to see your work in the comments to this article.









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