Faux leather: fashion trend and salvation for the environment

Faux leather fashion trend and salvation for the environment 9

Times change, and people’s attitude to everything that concerns fashion. Not so long ago believed that «natural» is synonymous with «good.» Natural materials were considered the best artificially created synthetic. Genuine leather, fur and wool of animals are always of high price, and of course, we respect all that expensive, despite the rational side of the issue.

Why faux leather is in trend?

The monstrous growth of the population on our planet is the primary factor influencing the environment: just imagine that every second the population of our earth increases by 2.6 people. We consume meat and fur animals, trees cut down, continuously spend (sometimes without a pressing need) the limited resources of our planet.

Environmental attitudes in educated Western countries significantly influence the situation in Russia. More and more people are beginning to recognize that in our high-tech age there is no particular need to wear clothes made of natural materials and their synthetic analogues to cheer cope with the tasks, namely heat retention, comfort, and perform a purely decorative, aesthetic function.

Moreover, in light industry employed in the development of artificial material that simulates the skin, there has been noticeable progress. Therefore, the phrase «to buy a leather skirt made of artificial material» in our age the sound is not so paradoxical.

The advantages of things from faux leather:

  • Articles of leather longer able to maintain an attractive appearance. This material fabricating of ultra-high-strength chemical fibers, whereby it is durable, easy to clean and does not fade in the sun.
  • When purchasing products from a genuine leather is a high probability of deception. The fact is that quality leather products are fabricated exclusively with the upper edge of the skin, but the lower part of cheaper and worse – it is used for linings. To reduce the cost of production, many Chinese manufacturers take the bottom layer, sometimes even redone, and cover it with a thin film that makes the product very similar to natural leather.
  • Contrary to popular belief, artificial leather has good air permeability and hygienic. Modern synthetic leather did not like the material, known to our grandparents in the Soviet era. Breathability is achieved through technology, creates a kind of «porous» structure of the fabric.
  • Scraps of leather, unlike the skin, have standard sizes. That is why this material is easy to sew a thing, even the most sophisticated cut, and ease of use, in turn, allows to reduce the price of the product itself. Moreover, leatherette is easily painted in any color so that you can a tradition to buy a black skirt under the skin, something bright.
  • Articles made of leather and have an unpleasant odor, so characteristic, natural (most often pork) skin.
  • But the most important advantage is that the manufacture of these things do not kill any animal. Wearing a piece of leather, you can be sure that they acted in full accordance with the highest ethical principles.

Buy a skirt of leather in the online store is quite profitable. For example, a Quelle shop will allow you to buy an inexpensive skirt from quality material imitating natural leather. The store has models of all sizes, including large, which will help the ladies of absolutely any body type to successfully update your wardrobe.

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