Fasting is a panacea for all diseases

Fasting is the panacea for all ills 8

Fasting – a unique natural method of cleansing the body from poisons and toxins that lead to full recovery of the whole organism. Nature is the best doctor on Earth, but people forget about it and continue to the wrong way of life, bringing the body to disease and destruction. Poor quality food, stress, synthetic drugs and polluted environment, slowly destroy the body, leaving no chance for recovery.

There are many methods of fasting, all of them have been studied for decades, doctors such as Paul Bragg, Norman Walker, S. Nikolaev, M. V. Ohanyan, this is an incomplete list of people who have proven the benefits of fasting for each person. The basic methods of fasting, this dry complete refusal of food and water, «wet» fasting on water and incomplete starvation, where permissible use of vitamins, honey or juice. Any of the methods should be used under the supervision of a physician, after a thorough examination and cleaning of the intestine. For this procedure, better suited to treatment in Belarus, at least two weeks in a health center which provides therapeutic diets, cleansing enemas, mandatory fresh air and complete rest. Therapeutic fasting the body needs to be prepared, the complete exclusion of meat products, alcohol, sugar, coffee and physical exertion. You should start drinking plenty of water and juices, which trigger the mechanisms of purification of stagnant toxins.

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