Fasteners — rivets

Fasteners - rivets

Rivets – fasteners are designed to create resistant to static and dynamic (cyclic and impact) loads of strong and dense connections of flat sheet materials by the one-sided or double-sided installation, as shown on this website wwwsbolt/catalog/.

Fasteners may be operated in a wide temperature range of constructions, where there is no practical way to use welding, threaded connection or bonding. The use of studs has a certain advantage in comparison with electric or gas welding.

In riveted joints is completely eliminated distortion and violation of the internal structure of the sealed materials.

The range of fastenerssupplied to the market of fasteners and metal products, includes in its membership details with countersunk, oval and round head (aka: rivets under the hammer) and rivet extractor.

The connection plates by means of rivets under the hammer is possible only for two-sided mounting, and perform methods of cold or hot riveting.

Fastening of sheets by means of rivets produced with the help of specially designed for the tool – applied on them by the method of unilateral editing.

Material for the manufacture of fasteners are different grades of carbon (e.g., ST2, St3, 10kp) doped with impurities (9g2) and stainless steel (12X18H9T) of steels, non-ferrous metals (copper M3), copper-zinc alloys (brass L63) and aluminum alloys (Amg5p, D18).

Fasteners - rivets 1

Connect the sheets and rivets, not having a protective anti-corrosion coatings, should be made of the same materials.

The design of the studs under the hammer includes a Deposit head corresponds to a standard shape and a cylindrical rod. A strong connection of the sheets get when raskladyvanii the end of a rod installed in her seat fasteners with the formation of the second closing, of the head.

The range of products this group includes the pop rivets GOST 10299, rivets oval head GOST 10301 and a semicircular head of GOST 10300.

The design of the exhaust studs is a great improvement compared to the above fasteners.

The most famous and popular on the market today fasteners is the exhaust (thrust) rivet DIN 7337. The composition of each part includes a rod designed to grip the special tool and a cylindrical body which when riveting sheets of deformed and secures to each other connected materials.

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