Fashionable wrist watch for all occasions

Fashionable wrist watch for all occasions

Fashionable wrist watchthat you will see in this article will come in handy for all occasions. Today, watches not only need to know the exact time. With their help, you can talk on the phone, listen to music, monitor their health, and more.

1. Decider Watch is my Light, watch, say…

Oracle watches Decider Watch.

Oracle watches Decider Watch.To go to work or not to go? Look at the clock like, and it is time… But on the display illuminates «no.» Take your pick. If anything, blame everything on guess watches.

2. Fish Finding Watch wrist watch for the fisherman

Watch sounder.

Watches with a depth sounder. Going fishing? Check if everything is in place: hooks, bait, hooks… well, where do without hours with sounder from Hammacher Schlemmer. Fishfinder helps you find fish even in the murky water.Watches that measure heart rate, you’ve already seen. And here is the watch with the ECG-only this time in front of you is only an imitation of the ECG. Light bulbs indicate the time.

Clock s charts.

The system is quite complex, and to deal with it, at first glance, difficult. But, on the other hand, wrist watches have a rather interesting accessory than an urgent need: we have long know that the hour of their mobile phones.

System the decoding performance time.

System the decoding performance time.Dial? Arrows? Sure! This watch will literally tell you what time it is. However, in Japanese. Don’t know Japanese? Nothing to worry, for such cases under the speaker is a tiny digital display. In General, a great way to improve your knowledge in exotic foreign languages.

5. Torus watch – plus or minus half an hour

Torus - watch for those who do not need the exact time.

Torus – watch for those who do not need the exact time.These large watches intended for those who are all the same: eight or nine, eleven or it’s nearly midnight. But they will unmistakably tell you what at the moment time. During the day on the bracelet change colors: blue/green represent the morning, yellow/orange conform to noon, red, purple shows the evening and night. The surface of the watch is a touch panel: the touch of your finger you can set the alarm clock. Unless, of course, you will understand when you are installing.

6. Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clock from Hans Grabina.

Cuckoo clock from Hans Grabina.German designer Hans Grebin (Hannes Grebin) offers to wear a cuckoo clock on the hand. The cuckoo, however, painted and reminds of the German eagle… But, overall, the watch looks quite nice.

7. Transparency Watch Pensar: fotocasa with sending pictures

Fotocasa Transparency Watch.

Fotocasa Transparency Watch.These electronic watches: the built-in camera. Connecting a multifunction device to your computer, you can click one button to send the picture across the contacts. Additionally, these pictures can be used as the background of the dial.

Photo and send it is performed in two clicks.

Photo and send it is performed in two clicks.These intricate watch shows time and date with a set of three-dimensional capebreton. Instead of minute and hour hands, respectively, the minute cone, and time. At the top of the cone is hour pointer «day/night» and along the bezel of the watch moving strip display date. This model is very similar to the famous Swiss watch Richard Mille, but it is unlikely they contain the same high-precision mechanism.

Clock Horological Machine 3 - model of the Starcruiser.

The functional value of such a device is questionable, but at least, it’s different.

9. Endlesstime by Alexey Bykov

Watch Endlesstime from Alexey Bykov.

Watch Endlesstime from Alexey Bykov.Time is infinite. This postulate symbolize watch «Endlesstime», made in the form of a möbius strip. They are made of flexible translucent plastic. On hand are secured by means of magnets. Time signal the watch receives from the satellite. Doesn’t need batteries and is recharged from the kinetic energy.

Watch Endlesstime from Alexey Bykov.

Watch, MP3 player and pedometer in one. That is, the bracelet. Besides, pink.

11. Kisai Keisan from Tokyoflash: the Japanese again came up with something alien.

An unusual watch from Tokyoflash.

An unusual watch from Tokyoflash.If you’re good at to add numbers from 0 to 4, and understand that the hours were not working. Although, at first glance, the dial of the watch Kisai Keisan is reminiscent of the columns of falling numbers from the Matrix.

The display system can hardly be called simple.

The display system can hardly be called simple.Light, convenient, cheap, waterproof watch. Ideal if you do swim, surfing, kiting or simply run in the mornings. Reliable as army boots.

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