Fashionable men’s and women’s haircuts Spring 2013

Fashionable men's and women's haircuts Spring 2013

For anyone who wants to be a trend of fashion trends, hairstyle will not be a problem. Fashionable men’s and women’s haircuts for Spring 2013 do not carry anything revolutionary. In fashion is still stylish and practical hairstyle that has always been popular, but with elements of our time.

Fashionable men’s and women’s haircuts Spring 2013


One of the most characteristic parts of the male and female haircuts 2013 can be called perfect smoothness, which many like to call «prinesennoy». Especially brightly this part expressed in men’s haircuts, which resemble in style hairstyles 50 years.

Along with the perfect styling in the fashion of deliberate negligence and naturalness. For example, you can braid a braid, not too worried about her ideal or to lay hair around the head, carefully placing the hair. In any case you will look fashionable.

The tail can also be perfectly flat and straight (this will help the gel) or confusing and free. The first option is more suitable for work and business meetings. and the second for the rest.

Bundles as classics of the genre, not far behind from their predecessors. They can be as tight and smooth, and with the air knocked out halo of hair.

All of the above options relate to long hair. To create this hairstyle does not require special training of hairdressers. Move on to more complex options.

Bangs this season will be the main trend in women’s haircuts and men’s. This simple detail can dramatically change your image. At this time fashionable are absolutely straight bangs and asymmetrical. Their height can vary depending on your facial features, the eyes closing or fully opening the forehead.

Retro this season in fashion again. Haircuts modest haircut Bob or a huge fleece with ribbons will be able to allocate you in any situation. Those who are not afraid of experiments may be advisable tiered short women’s haircuts in the spirit of the 70-ies.

As for color, there are also dominates the natural. For dark-haired girls stylists recommend chestnut, black and chocolate color and for blondes, platinum and ashy shades.

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