Fashionable coats 2016-2017


The fashionable coats are always in fashion! Fur has become so on-trend material that a lot of designers adopted it even in the autumn and spring seasons. If you look closely at were the fashion shows in Paris, we can see that in the collections created for the winter period is dominated by furs of different textures and shades.

Fashion styles of mink coats

In addition to them, mink coats Moscow offers and fashion-forward options:

  • copper (up to about mid-calf);
  • to the knee;
  • cropped mini.

As for styles, among them are fashionable pieces with a hood and without it, with sleeves flared, straight or without type poncho, skinny or a skirt with a wide collar covering the shoulders, or small (resistant) and virtually invisible (chalkou).

The color scheme of the 2016-2017 season varies from bright white (white biscuit, pearl grey) to dark black (soft walnut, dark mahogany). Importantly, the fur looked natural.

How to properly care for the product?

Mink furprimarily is durability. This is about 4-6 years annual wearable day to day. It is very warm. Mink coats always look elegant and expensive. But this kind of preserved for a long time, you must follow a few basic rules:

  • isolated from direct sunlight;
  • broad and thick shoulders of the hanger;
  • do not store near a radiator or other heating devices;
  • frequent airing of the premises;
  • to remove all previously attached accessories (hair clips, brooches);
  • install next special capsules from moths;
  • when wet, cannot be dried in the dryer and other electrical devices.

Of course, when purchasing this stuff, you should always check with the sales assistant about the proper care to not further damage by careless handling.

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