Fashion trends in the design of a bathroom in 2016

Fashion trends in the design of a bathroom in 2016

For each of us the bathroom has its specific value. Each of us makes to this room purity requirements, but not all of its comfort and organization. For those people for whom the bathroom is not just a «wash shop» and a place of rest and relaxation, designers every year I try to recreate the interior, which want is more often and longer.

This year, designers are pleased with some interesting ideas and possibilities for their implementation. Fashion trends in the design of a bathroom will help you to create your original and modern interior design.


In 2016, metallic accessories increasingly strengthened position in the top design solutions. Brass, platinum, silver and gold, brushed steel and chrome incredibly relevant as finishing the bathroom. If you do bathroom renovation, do not forget about the use of such metal elements, such as: Cabinet knobs, faucet, hooks for towels and larger items, such as a frame for the mirror.

Mineral and natural materials

The use of natural stone in the interior welcomed not only in the decor, but as functional components. For example, a sink made of polished stone will add luxury and splendor of your bathroom, what can be said about conventional porcelain.

Handmade accessories

Increasingly popular is the use of interior handmade items. Whether it’s a Mat, soap, shower curtains, soap dispensers and tumbler holders, as long as all products were individual and unique.


Plants began to reclaim the space in the bathroom even in 2015, gradually appearing in the terms of avid fashionistas. And now they finally won the right is there.

Azalea, Gardenia, Chlorophytum, aloe-Vera – here is a short list of plants that will be fine to feel in a bathroom (subject to the availability of daylight). Well, if you killed the great experimenter, the designers propose to organize a green wall or a small winter garden.

However, if the bathroom is small, dark and cramped, do not worry. The use of a good artificial plants in the interior are also allowed.

Add drama

Remember, colours, often decorated bathrooms? Blue, green, white, beige, bland, bland, and just tired. To learn more about design modern bathroom here anngli/designs/there is-interera-vannoj-room/

Use the interior of bold colors, such as black, orange, pink, incredibly fashionable! No matter whether you want to pave a tile, you add accessories, the main thing that it was unexpected and bold.

Floral print

Gone are the days when floral print was kitsch. Flower decoration bathrooms incredibly fashionable trend for this year. Allowed the use of large and small buds, bright colors and more subdued shades. Add interior towels with flower patterns, shower curtain, and maybe even a new tile.

You started a bathroom renovation, or just want to update the interior, these recommendations will help you to determine the direction and style. Of course, it is not necessary to use them simultaneously, choose one or two trends and try to follow them. You’ll see your bathroom transform will become extremely charming and fashionable.

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