Fashion trends in interior kitchen furniture

Fashion trends in interior kitchen furniture

Come the new year 2011 and with it come new fashion trends in interior and design. The subject of today’s conversation will be kitchen furniture.

One of the main trends in the design was the ergonomics! Manufacturers of kitchen furniture try to use an ergonomic kitchen furniture such as folding doors and different mechanisms operate on the principle of «click-open». A flat, smooth surface give the appearance of kitchen furniture is elegance and allow you to combine it as you wish.

Trends in kitchen interior design

Become a fashionable trend in the interior when combined into a single space kitchen and living room. This tendency has long been used by European and American designers. Kitchen turns into a area. Kitchen furniture becomes more comfortable and functional (e.g. couch can be transformed into sleeping place). Built-in appliances in addition to its direct function, was the decoration of the kitchen! Many manufacturers are trying to produce a line of stylish designer models of its appliances. So when you order the «arca» kitchens to order, you can choose a refrigerator with doors that will have the original pattern or mirror surface.

In Vogue vivid colors of the cuisine. Often used the photo printing. Modern kitchens are reminiscent of the style of the furniture of the 70s year of the last century. Favors simplicity and originality. Fun prints depicting natural motifs are very popular this year!

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