Fashion sunglasses 2013

Fashion sunglasses 2013

Fashion sunglasses 2013 have original geometry and design, bright colors and unusual decor. We all know that sunglasses are not only healthy eyes, but also a great stylish accessory that accentuates and complements the image of any person. This is not to downplay their importance, because little things often determine and Express the image and also play an important role in the outfit. What model of sunglasses will be relevant in 2013 and what surprises prepared for us designers to know right now!

The most fashionable sunglasses 2013 trends and recommendations


To replace points-aviators last year, the new season’s models of geometric shapes, glasses-butterflies and «cat’s eye«. One of the prerequisites is a large size, gives the female image of mystery. Most models of new collections have almost completely darkened glass.

The trends of the season 2013 steel large round glasses, and an unusual form of frames and lenses. To highlight the original form, designers often use a rather thick frame of contrasting colors and bright decor elements. Unfortunately, this option is not suitable for everyone. But if You have a square face, a rectangular or triangular shape, round sunglasses is exactly what You need! It is perfect for You.

Among the relevant materials for frames women’s sunglasses 2013 plastic of different colors, including animal pattern, metal, very relevant transparent frames. Coating of «metallic» of various colors, and vivid contrast of light frame and dark glasses – these fashionable trends of the season. Color glasses women’s sunglasses summer 2013, mostly traditional black, brown and gray, but some designers also offer color models, which are selected to match the tone to suit.

Fashion women’s sunglasses with original decoration – ornaments, figurines and appliques. Also, the actual trim frames a scattering of rhinestones. Talking about fashionable glasses season, it is worth to remember about the interesting event which was held at fashion week in new York. At the fashion show Diane von Furstenberg was first demonstrated to the technical novelty – a virtual multimedia Google spectacles. During the preparation and presentation of the show, the models and staff were video recording in real time, which was later presented in the form of a mini-film titled «DVF Through Glass».

Many of You are sure that the size of the points last year are the maximum. However, this is not the limit! The sizes of the points grow exponentially, but because in 2013, they became even bigger! The fashion will huge glasses in half-face, so don’t be surprised them on Sunny days.

Fashionable colors sunglasses 2013

In the coming season will be fashionable lenses vysvetleni the lower part. It should be noted that the shade of color should be changed gradually, so they are known as the gradient.

As before, the actual points remain hazy, brown, and gray. In this color I liked sunglasses Armani. Gradually the fashion includes sunglasses with blue lenses that look beautiful and unusual. Thanks to such models, girls can emphasize the affection.

Before you choose sunglasses, you should consider the type of their appearance. Remember that for a good purchase, must conduct time-consuming shopping. Only in this way you will be able to find glasses that will be perfect for you!


How to choose sunglasses face shape?

Are you trying to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, but all to no avail? You think that no one pair of glasses doesn’t suit you? Don’t worry! We will help you find exactly those points in which you will look stylish and fashionable.

For starters, you need to decide what type of your face. Carefully examine the face in the mirror and determine the type of person, and then, choose your form sunglasses:

Form The «Heart»

The face is characterized by a wide forehead, narrow jaw line, high cheekbones and narrow (sometimes acute) chin. You should choose a frame that will balance the face shape by minimizing a high forehead and to compensate for a thin and narrow jawline.

You should choose rimless cat-eye, square rim, butterfly, aviators, square frames with lenses, smoothly move from one color to another.

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