Fashion nails spring 2015

Fashion nails spring 2015

Beautiful and fashionable manicure is the business card of every girl. Fashion trends create a manicure in 2015, largely continues the direction set in last season.

Still in fashion neat nails with a length of 3-5 mm traditional semi-circular shape, painted in soft pastel colors: light pink, beige and white. Once fashionable square and long triangular nails are gone and now only cause confusion and not the rapture. For those girls who want something more vibrant, stylists offer a fashionable red, maroon, Golden colors and shades that will be trending throughout 2015.

The moon manicure and manicure Ombre will be in the spring of 2015 just as popular as last year. These fashion trends in manicure not only require the ability to combine contrasting colors, but require the author enough time and imagination to incarnation.

Matt lacquer in different colors will appeal to fashionistas who are tired of glossy and bright nails. To create this manicure you need to remember that it requires absolutely perfect nails, otherwise it will emphasize and highlight all the irregularities of the nail plate.

Gaining momentum in popularity and stamping-manicure, which involves coating the nail with different patterns with the help of special instruments from the stamping set.

One of the trends in manicure spring 2015 is caviar 3-D manicure is a method of nail decoration, which they applied little colored beads. This manicure is suitable for those who love experiments and something unusual. You can learn how to do it enrolling in courses manicure shkola-nika/courses.html or yourself by following the video instructions which is given in the article.

For prioritiz classics and traditions of stylists continue to offer a neat French manicurethat will always be in fashion.

Overall, among the variety of trends in the creation of manicure in 2015, any girl will find the perfect match.

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