Fashion men suits 2013

Fashion men suits 2013

Fashion men suits 2013 are staggering breadth of styles and variety of colors. Today in fashion strict Troika with a black double-breasted jacket and slim models with trousers 7/8. Again became popular styles of men’s suits of the forties gangster, cage the sixties and nineties grunge. Shaken, not stirred!


The most stylish mens suits fall 2013

The current trend is the convergence of styles. So, business classic becomes a little more loose and informal Troika – closer to office style. A good example of such «easing» can be seen in the collections of Balmain, the brand which is associated with the male business suit. In collections of men’s suits fall winter 2013-2014 from Balmain dominated by blue and black colors, cropped, double breasted and single breasted jackets. You can find similar jackets in the online shop or wandering through the boutiques. But the main «trick» — it’s pants with low armhole (not Afghani, of course, but the option for business style looks bold).

Relaxed business style presents Bottega Veneta: here and loose jackets and wide trousers with arrows. The kits are designed in one color, both twos and threes. Black is diluted to one modest detail – shiny finish of the lapels. In General, everything is serious.

Monochrome palette is professed by Jil Sander, occasionally diluting fashionable men’s suits light gray stripe (which creates the visual effect of the three). However, this dull monotone will not name – brand introduced red and bright blue business suits, the latter with unusual double collar jacket.

Free style does not necessarily mean a complete denial of the classics. For example, Acne can withstand the «office» colors (gray, blue, black), adheres to the classic style of coats and pants, but «trims» down to 7/8, and under a blazer organizes the bottom layer (generally of a contrasting fabric). The result is a stylish men’s suits, which, however, will definitely find its owner.

A complete contrast are the slim suits for men from Gucci. They are far from classic in terms of cut and in terms of color performance, but, thanks to the stylish big cage, it will look appropriate on poluchelovek events. Models embody the true English style with its tapered-leg pants, shades of green and gray. these models are the perfect complement to leather mens bags. Particularly praiseworthy textured tuxedo it is the texture of the fabric makes it the Protocol of garment elegant element of the image.

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