Fantasy world’s leading architects — beyond time and space

Fantasy world’s leading architects free from all limits! The giant skyscrapers in the form of eggs, airy gardens on the wings of dragonflies, offices drop-down buds…

Look at eight of the most interesting futuristic projects that, if successfully implemented, will stun the entire planet.

New York: a vertical farm «Dragonfly»

Belgian architectural Bureau «Vincent Callebaut architectures» proposed an amazing project for new York: 132 floor height of 600 meters for agricultural land and a number of offices! According to UN estimates, in 2025 the number of urban dwellers of the earth will grow to 5.5 billion (compared to the current 3.5).

How to feed so many people? The Belgians propose to create farmland right in the heart of new York city. The building will occupy not so much space – all the gardens and the field will be located «in the air», to many kilometers of height.

Dubai: skyscraper-Crescent

It seemed that in Dubai nobody is surprised by the strange buildings of the Arab sheikhs «inject» into the construction of the city- «tourist trap» fabulous sums. Why should only the «Sail» hotel is Burj Al Arab, built on an artificial island 280 metres from the coast and overlooking the Gulf at 321 meters. However, the American company Transparent House captured the imagination of a new project. A huge building in the shape of the month is intended to combine the traditional Muslim symbols, new construction technology and functionality of the office center. If the project is implemented – people will be able to live and work … on the moon!

Bangkok: tower-metropolis

International OMA suggested the project of a skyscraper for Bangkok (Thailand). The building should be the tallest in the city, it will house offices, cafes and restaurants, Parking and residential apartments. Project name – tower-megapolis Mahanakhon. The building is huge, but the altitude there is little surprise anyone, so the architects seemed to «spread» the tower on the blocks below, above, and in the middle of the structure. This architectural solution like «breaks» the house apart, exposing his intestines. Designated «gaps», the project must be completely made of glass.

Dubai: reveals Bud

Another Grand project, which soon may take place in the UAE, the Greek architects called «Blossoming Dubai». The team from Petra Architects have created a project in the form of drop pod. In the office center planned two elevators that will move in a spiral, a staircase and a viewing platform at a height of 135 meters.

Kiev: a 44-story Easter egg

The Kiev Bureau «Archimatika» project proposed a 44-story complex in the shape of traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs (i.e. the Easter egg). According to the architects, the surface of the business should be set out for led screens. And rise skyscraper «Pysanka» is not just anywhere, but near the shore of the Dnieper. So here is the dream of the architects in the difficult economic period, it is impossible to predict .

Zhuhai: the building of Chinese Opera

The architects of the «SPF architects» was inspired by the traditional Chinese game «balancing rocks» and decided to start the construction of the Opera House of the three stones balancing on each other. Was such a neat tower of three floors oval shape and different sizes. It is expected that the building will become the main attraction of the Chinese town of Zhuhai. Inside the building, besides a concert hall and a spacious lobby on 1.5 thousand guests, will house rehearsal halls, restaurants and other facilities.

Cairo: the concrete jungle

The Briton of Iranian origin, Zaha Hadid likes to think of building in Asia and Africa. This time she developed a complex for Cairo (Egypt). Stone towers, which resemble a stone, the thicket of the jungle, will house hotels, offices, cafe, shops, residential complexes and even square. By the Egyptians loved the project Hadid. They call him bold, interesting and promising. When will the construction of the complex is unknown, but it is clear that the money for large-scale construction of the Egyptian authorities wouldn’t feel pity for.

San Jose: universal skyscraper

Spanish Bureau Moho Architects has designed for San Jose (Costa Rica) house with unusual shapes. 25 floors will house offices of various companies, on rooftops, green lawns, and the Windows of the buildings won’t need artificial lighting. For Costa Rica, building 25 floors – already the skyscraper, because it will thoroughly rise above the tallest buildings. And if you add to this the unusual shape of the building which upstairs is divided into several bands-«petals», a very interesting project.

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