Family guy – popular controversial American animated series

Family guy – popular controversial American animated series

Family guy is an American animated television series. Its author is Seth MacFarlane. He created a cartoon series for the television company Fox Broadcasting Company. In «family Guy» describes a dysfunctional family. It consists of parents. Their names are Peter and Lois. As well as three children, named Stewie, Chris and Meg. Most of the events of the series are shown in the form of frames. They are not associated with the plot of the animated series. Often in the «family Guy» can be found ambiguous jokes on themes – feminism, obesity, slavery, disability, politics.

MacFarlane came up with family Guy, while still in College. However, embodied his idea to life he’s just completing work on his first cartoons. He gave the other the names of the main characters of his films. Larry and his dog Steve, he was renamed Peter and Brian. The first episode of the animated series took off on 15 may 1998. The finished work provided Fox. Management has approved the idea of the authors, and the series started to show on television. Showed three seasons of family Guy. However, the series had good ratings, so in 2004 he decided to show again. Today, you can animated series family Guy and other popular movies to watch for free in good quality network, but in those years, Internet was not so developed and most of the success of the family Guy required the development of DVD.

The animated series several times nominated for the award «Emmy». He won four times. Also family Guy has received three awards of «Annie.» Many times the animated series «family Guy» called legendary. However, it is often criticized that it is similar to the animated series «the Simpsons.»

In connection with the success of the animated series, has released many products associated with it. For example, the pinball machine, books, toys, comics, video games. In 2011, the authors of the animated series have started to work on a feature-length version. In 2009 started to show a spin-off series – «the Show Conventa».

The scene and characters

The main events of the animated series family Guy occur in the family of Peter Griffin. He’s clumsy office worker. Peter – a Catholic with Irish-American roots. He speaks with a Rhode island accent. His wife’s name is Lois. She works as a music teacher. At leisure, Lois, doing housework. She speaks with a new England accent. She comes from a wealthy family Pewterschmidt. They have three children. Their daughter’s name is Meg. She’s an outcast at school. It is often also ridiculed at home. Their eldest son Chris is suffering from obesity. Character he is like his father. Their youngest son’s name is Stewie. He habits of the adult and of indeterminate sexual orientation. Also, family Guy is Brian the dog. He knows how to talk, but at the same time has the habits of the animal. Brian loves martinis.

Most of the events happening in Quahog. It invented a suburb of Providence. It is located in the state of Rhode island. There is also a school of design, where he studied MacFarlane. That is why the author chose such a place of residence for their characters. Sometimes in the series, you notice some really existing buildings of Providence. Sometimes MacFarlane uses the names of real places and celebrities who lived in the city. He uses them in such shows as buddy Cianci and Pawtucket. By MacFarlane says that the prototype of Quahog is Cranston. The last is in Rhode island.

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