Fallingwater — a project by Frank Wright

Fallingwater - Frank Ryde project

Fallingwater – a project of Frank Wright, who was implemented in the period 1936-39. It is located in the southwest of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, in a wooded area, which is called «Bear Creek». The closest city is Pittsburgh, it is located 80 kilometers North-East. In 1966, the house became a National historic site. Today’s «fallingwater» included in the compulsory program of many tourist routes.

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The history of the «House over waterfall»

Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect who developed the project «House over the waterfall» was a very famous and popular in the U.S. a specialist in the early 20th century. However, during the great depression of 1929-1933 he was almost without work. During these years, he had opened her home art Studio «Taliesin» you used to go to Edgar Kaufman, the son of a wealthy businessman from Pittsburgh. Edgar really got into architectural ideas of Wright and persuaded her father to entrust to him the construction of a new country house. The difficulty was that the land for construction was in rugged country. When Wright saw the waterfall and beautiful surroundings «Medvejyego Creek», he came up with the idea to create a house that would become a part of this picture. During the construction of the «House over the waterfall,» he sought to leave intact all the trees and do not move a single boulder. For this Pennsylvania engineering company «Fayette Engineering Company of Uniontown» made a detailed topographic survey of the site showing all trees and location of all stones, rocks and streams.

Drafting of the «House over the waterfall» Frank Wright worked together with two colleagues, engineers Mendel Glickman and William Wesley Peters. In March 1936 they finished the design and started construction of the house. It lasted 6 years and requires a cost of 155 thousand dollars. This amount included the cost of construction of the main building (75 thousand dollars), its decoration and the interior decor (22 thousand dollars), guest house, garage and servants ‘ quarters (50 thousand dollars). The fee of the architect Frank Wright made 8 thousand dollars.

The exterior of the house is dominated by bright colors, the color of the surrounding landscape. The interior of the house is similar in exterior design. Inside the house is almost completely missing plaster. To soften overly harsh stone walls and concrete, in the interior actively applied paneling of wood. Wright did not stop at designing one. In his sketches, a lot of interior items. For example, carpets, furniture for the living room.

In 1963, Edgar Kaufmann Jr. gave (in the form of donations) fallingwater to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. In 1964 the house became a Museum and was opened to the public. As of January 2008, «fallingwater» was visited by about six million people. Despite its location in a remote corner of Pennsylvania, «fallingwater» at present receives more than 150 thousand visitors annually.

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