Facade panels — decorate the facade of his house


Solid granite veneer or original finish it under a rock? Front panel is finishing materials of plastic, they are with high precision mimic the texture and color of any natural stone or brick as well as wood and ceramic tiles. Apart from the aesthetic function, it is the galvanized coating (ground siding) has a long service life and high durability. In addition, it protects the building from external negative influences.

Where used, the front panel

The lining coating is a sheet material manufactured specifically to handle above-ground elements of the Foundation, walls of buildings, sites, construction of balconies and loggias. It can also be used for wall decor indoors. Ground siding protects the walls from premature wear – moisture, sun and mechanical damage.

Front panel change the look of the house will retain its beauty and well kept appearance for years to come.

Benefits basement siding

  • The material is not afraid of severe Russian climate, he can easily tolerate strong temperature changes;
  • The panels have high impact resistance at temperatures ranging from -50 to +60 degrees Celsius;
  • Resistance to treatment fading in the sun up to 50 years;
  • Facade panels are not afraid of humidity, heavy rainfall, hail and snowfall;
  • The material does not rot, he is not afraid of fungus and insects;
  • Panels meet all the requirements of fire safety and international quality standards, confirmed by appropriate certificates;
  • Continuous quality control and product testing in manufacturing, provides stiff competition to foreign analogues;
  • Ground siding is a sustainable material, even when heated it does not emit harmful substances;
  • The material requires no special care;
  • The veneer facade panels does not require large financial costs, as their installation is rather easy and does not cause any difficulties;
  • Wide range of textures, sizes and colors.

Options veneer

The company Alta Profile offers a large variety of types of facade panel Alta Profile on absolutely everyone, look at the website altadiler/. The possibility to combine several types of siding basement opens up space for the realization of the most original, colorful and unique design ideas. The manufacturer produces panels, which are quite difficult to distinguish from a natural material, and in some ways they are even superior to their natural counterparts, for example:

  • Granite is valued for its strong properties and noble appearance. Facade panel from the company Alta Profile perfectly mimic the surface of this stone, thus are much cheaper and weigh several times less, which significantly simplifies installation.
  • Classic style panels under a brick – a traditional or chipped, they perfectly mimic these surfaces and can save you a lot of money, without sacrificing quality.
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