Ergonomic kitchen design for multiple cooks

Ergonomic design kitchen for multiple cooks will be appropriate in the case if you started to design a kitchen that will be used by more than one cook. This will help to make the kitchen safer and easier to use, but in order to do this you will need to think a little and not rush.

If special attention will be given to the creation of a convenient kitchen, someone who wants to quickly prepare meals in the kitchen can easily locate and use the necessary tools, food and equipment.

Designing kitchens with ergonomic design for more than one cook – this is a relatively simple process. Here are a few ideas that you can implement to create an ergonomic kitchen.

Standard work surface height is 90 inches, but if you wanted to make a different height, you should know that in this case, it is necessary to ensure the usability of chefs, that they are not bending over or standing on tiptoes while cooking.

Consider storage of the kitchen tools.

Heavy items should be placed at a height between hip and shoulder to prevent excessive effort when you want to take them. Products of average weight needs to be placed lower than the heavy product at that time, as they light goods should be placed in the storage space below the knees or above eye level.

Make tools more accessible.

Install pull-out shelves will allow all the chefs in the kitchen more easy to access items stored on higher shelves in the cupboards. Pull-out shelves installed on the lower shelves of the Cabinet, will facilitate the access for each chef to those products that are placed in the rear part. Alternatively, look at the photo of kitchen furniture on the website of the company «MIK FURNITURE». Perhaps here you will find some useful solutions for their future ergonomic kitchen.

Set the oven above the stove.

If you buy a plate as a whole, you have no choice relative to the height of its location. But if you buy separately on the stove and a separate oven, you can put both products in the field, which is easier accessible to all cooks.

Install refrigerator with bottom freezer.

Setting refrigerator with bottom freezer, you can keep the products more affordable. As a rule, to the products that are stored in the main chamber, need access more often than those stored in the freezer. By doing so, you reduce the number of tilts for you and other cooks.

With these simple moments of ergonomic kitchen design in every chef that enters your kitchen, you should not encounter any problems to get access to all the necessary to cook delicious food!

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