Environmentally friendly house.

Organic house is it possible

Environmentally friendly house. Just moved into a new apartment, and already feeling sick? It could be exposure to toxic fumes that every day distinguish modern materials. Only laminate Ecoflooring not able to harm the health, because it is made bona fide manufacturer. And industrial emissions, dust, smog of the big cities have a negative impact on our health. How can we protect ourselves from this?


Regularly check the ventilation system in the kitchen and in the bathroom. So, even small debris can cause accumulation of harmful substances and cause the appearance of mold.

To verify the absence of violations of, approach a lighted match to the grid. The flame remained motionless? Call the master.

Natural materials

Repair using natural materials – not a cheap pleasure. In addition, your laminate Ecoflooring Country, bookshelf or wardrobe hardly contain lethal amounts of formaldehyde. However, if possible, choose natural wood furniture and finishing materials made of natural components. Also making another purchase, take the time to read the label and ask the seller a certificate of conformity.

Than we breathe?

The humidity level in a standard apartment should be at least 47-50%. Those who live in the metropolis, this figure is reduced and indoor air predominantly dry. In this house it’s hard to breathe, felt most keenly by the children. To avoid the unpleasant consequences of buy humidifier.

It is also recommended to use the ionizer. It cleans the air and enriches it with oxygen.

The right plants

With a quick and proven way to improve a microclimate to create a «green area». With dangerous microorganisms perfectly fighting aloe, Chlorophytum, dracaena, ivy, money plant, chamaedorea, ficus, asparagus.

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