Environmental education of children — a contribution to the future

Environmental education of children 8

Environmental education of children – a contribution to the future! If you care about the preservation of pristine nature and ecology, you can contribute to an excellent future for our Earth and instill in their children the skills of conservation of natural resources. Today, environmental education is becoming a very popular thing conscious parents. There are several ways to show your child how to keep the ecosystem of our Planet.

Savings on electricity

The child needs to explain what energy resources and why it is so important to keep them. Tell us what you need to turn off the lights when not needed. Children will be able over time to realize the importance of such actions and will gladly agree to help you save electricity.

Water saving

Tell your child about the properties and uses of water. Supplies of drinking water shrink, so it is important to explain to children that it should be retained. For example, you can not let the water flow from the tap aimlessly. Your baby will begin to pay attention to the fact that water dripping from the tap because he realizes the importance of preserving the water resources of the Earth.

Tell your child an interesting story about the origin of life on Earth and that is so important to preserve the environment. The child will be able to tell this fascinating story to your friends and share ways to help save the ecology of our beautiful Planet.

Do not throw garbage

Today not everyone is aware of its responsibility in maintaining the ecosystem. Dumps of debris remaining after the recreation, will not make our Planet cleaner. Tell your child that garbage must be put in its designated place, but not on the street. Explain to him why the need for garbage bags 20, 30, 35, 40, 50, 70, 100 l, how to handle them and where to stand.

Put together the tree

Planting a tree can become your family tradition. Tell your child that the tree represents life and helps the air stay clean, and also resists flooding, as its roots absorb all the excess moisture. And tell the kid about the fact that under the crown of the tree, you can relax in the shade on a very hot summer day. Moreover, trees are an important part in the lives of many insects and animals. Walk with baby in the Park, show him the squirrels and birds living in the trees. Let the baby feed the squirrels. So the children realize that the trees are something very important and that they serve someone’s house.

Easier child can remember these rules for the preservation of natural resources of our Planet, if you will present them in the form of a game, and you will become an example for their children in addressing issues on the preservation of the environment.

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