English style in the interior of your home

English style in the interior of your home

English style in the interior is the embodiment of simplicity and functionality, and therefore it ordered the adherents of the classics and conservatives who appreciate the combination of beauty and comfort. The can’t find curves, everything here is straightforward and carefully planned, no trinkets. That is, the little things of course, but even they are on the shelves, and with a purpose, an empty box or gaudy cute piggy Bank you will not find here, if on the shelf is a box, it means something is stored, if the home owner wants to have at his disposal the Treasury, it will be elegant bronze object. In other words, comfort and functionality are forced to get along with each other is the basic requirement of the English interior.


William Morrison (William Morrison) – the founder of the style known today as «English style«, or as it was called professional interior designers – «English Style». It was created on the basis of medieval English interior. The interior design of this style has become popular and durable due to the fact that at that time William Morrison was able to feel and find the «Golden mean» between the advent of technological boom of mass production and the pomp and originality of English aristocratic castles. The principle of the English style in the interior is restrained, but a lot. In the English interior style must be natural wood, it is desirable that it was: oak parquet flooring, carved oak panels on the walls, etc. of Course, not do without a traditional English interior design, furniture from the valuable species accumulation style furniture master Thomas Chippendale (Thomas Chipendail): bent legs and how you embellished studs. All surfaces of furniture must be treated and, if necessary, subjected to «aging effect» (which would seem that it really is old furniture).

It is not strange, but the interior design in the English style was founded by the architect, who has long lived in Italy. Perhaps with this, except common elements of this style of English classics, there is some dryness. Cold, restrained forms correspond to the life of aristocrats of the time – measured and calm. Definitely in a classic English style, the layout of the house is required of the front lobby – the lobby and the decoration of the ceiling painting, ceiling, or molding.


Speaking about colors, English style in interior, it is safe to say that the walls are painted or bright red, or bright yellow or soft cream colors. On wooden floors normally settle cozy and thick woolen carpets. An essential attribute of a living room, English style interior design footstool, and a soft wool blanket in the box. Furniture in the interior is sleek and polished, this is often designer furniture custom made. In England, roses bloom not only on nature but also on the reflection of the furniture, the curtains. The combination of materials in the drawing rooms of English style seems chaotic, but the strict cage looks great next to a romantic colourful pattern. Dining tables are often oval or round, should stand in the center of the room surrounded by chairs. The Windows are definitely curtains with lambrequins (one layer of more dense monochrome fabric, the second sheer fabric). The fabric used in the English style of interior design is restrained and natural. Color – bedding (beige, white, light gray, etc.), drawings, inconspicuous and small. Is considered a classic city printed in tapestry and flower. In the same colours selected in pillows, bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths, lampshades and table lamps.

At first glance it may seem that the room is designed in the English style is very cluttered with furniture, but usually the furniture in it as much as usual in the interior, it differs only by the padding and positioning, and create the illusion of oversaturation of the space. For example, in modern styles sofas and chairs are placed so that they occupy a minimum of useful space, so often they’re cornered. English style in the interior implies that the sofa and chairs will stand in the center of the room, or at least away from him, but not in the corner. Contributes and rich print on the curtains and upholstery fabrics, due to which the situation becomes more voluminous.

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