Elektrokaminy in the interiors


Choosing luxury curtains it is important to immediately consider the question of what will be the eaves. It can be a traditional model, essentially a effectively decorated crossbar for hanging curtains, and can be electric tracks.

This is a new word in the field of interior design. So focus more on what elektrokaminy and why they are needed.

As a rule, electric curtain rods are quite simple guides which are connected to a motor. Using a special remote, you can run the engine and open or, conversely, to close the curtains. In addition, these models can be controlled using the remote or using the system «Smart house».

The scope of electrocardio

To understand how electric cornice makes life easier for households, we describe only a few cases of its application.

  • In the bedroom: in the evening, draw the curtains, already in bed, and waking up in the morning to let in the natural light and some time to relax, not get up.
  • In the living room or home theater: when I sat down to watch the movie, you can smoothly to close the curtains during the opening credits.
  • In a large house: you can quickly and without superfluous efforts to close all the Windows from prying eyes.
  • In the glazed terrace: with one button you start all the curtains, completely covering the review.
  • In any room with high ceilings two level Windows: you don’t have to use a ladder or painful to pull the curtain, risking to break it, and will simply need to launch the mechanism.

In addition, electric tracks can be used not only at home but in offices, schools, meeting halls and other places where periodically need to regulate daylight by using curtains.

The types of curtains that are compatible with elektrokaminy

This technological novelty is suitable for almost all types of curtains. Love the classic sliding model? So they like the magic will disperse to the sides in one motion of your hand. Prefer Roman lifting the curtains? The mechanism involves the configuration of such an option.

French and Austrian lift luxury curtains to order can also be controlled using these rods.

Advantages of curtain rods with remote control

Of course, the main advantage of this type of equipment is the very essence of action: the automation of the process, which previously required some effort from the person. But this is not the only advantage:

  • respect for the curtains: as more and more people are choosing for their homes with expensive curtains made of luxury fabrics, it is very important that in the process of operation, the quality and attractiveness were stored;
  • low energy consumption: as with any appliance, these rails spend a certain amount of energy, however, is not great, they are very economical;
  • easy installation: the installation process is virtually no different from installation of traditional models with the exception needed to connect electronics;
  • quiet operation: this product is not buzzing, not cracking and not making a sound, characteristic of some electrical appliances.
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