Elegant Chinese tea pots and their history

Elegant Chinese tea pots and their history 1

Graceful Chinese teapots have quite a long history. Many are mistaken, considering that it began simultaneously with the history of tea, but it is not. To brew tea in teapot began only in the early 16th century, during the Ming dynasty. In this article you will see the most beautiful Chinese teapots, and will be able to read the history of their appearance.

Elegant Chinese tea pots and their history


China, as the birthplace of tea and the tea ceremony, was also the birthplace of tea pots. It happened during the reign of Emperor Zhu HOJO (1505-1521). The legend says that the first Chinese teapot monk from the monastery, Jinsha, in the district of Yixing. The clay from which were made the first teapots were called «csisa» – «purple clay». Due to the high content of iron, articles made of this clay were and still are very durable. In addition, the clay contains a lot of quartz, mica and kaolinite. Needless to say, before the tea in China, brewed in various ways in large vessels. During the Tang dynasty (618-907) tea was stored in large blocks or in the form of round plates. For a variety of crushed and cooked. In the era of sun tea, crushed fine powder and stirred in boiling water. After the invention of the teapot, the fashion for them has spread throughout China and beyond.

In Europe the first Chinese tea pots were brought in by Dutch sailors, which had trade relations with China. Since there are many different types of teapots for brewing tea, but the most delicious is the tea brewed in the kettle ilinskom. There are many different kettles for brewing tea, as you can see by going to the online store posuda nadom, but the classics are only Chinese teapots of Yixing. Today they are made by factory «Yixing ZZSA», which was opened in 1958 in Insane (or DENSO) in the County of Yixing. To determine the true isinsky kettle can be a distinctive metallic sound when tapped. They are made from clay that is mined in the mountains of Kanlungan and Jojoinhere.

Chinese teapots are now sold not only for brewing tea. Their elegant form and unique technique of making appeal to collectors around the world. So, in 2010, at auction a Chinese kettle was bought for of 12.32 million yuan.

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