Electronic guides are gaining popularity

Electronic guides are gaining popularity

The e-guide is a single complex, which includes the collection of tourist routes with the necessary information about the territory, its important places and attractions. The contents of these devices is complemented by the encyclopedia of multimedia, including photos and videos of the most beautiful scenery. The most innovative guides offer additional navigation options, including virtual tours of the countryside, providing the phenomenon of «presence effect». Some variations include placing the inside of the building, providing additional information. Considering ease of use, this subject will be useful to you during the trip.

Europe has a long use the electronic guides, which have become an integral part of travel in this region. Now, e-guides and came to Russia. So they have much to gain in front of the paper, as the cost much cheaper.

The main plus of the electronic guidebook – simplicity and convenience in work with it. The service can be directed to any available electronic media: phone, laptop, tablet, etc. For use data does not necessarily Internet availability: the database is already fully developed, and you can upgrade them at any time. Some programs can be bought in the official shops, while others can be downloaded quite legally and for free.

The e-guide is a great tool when planning travel. Arriving in a new city, you can see the institutions that you want to see most and to consult the map so you don’t accidentally get lost. You can also find the approximate prices for services that operate in the area, thereby pre-calculate the budget of their trip.

Virtual tours in such devices, the resource needed not only for tourists but also for individual institutions: theatres, museums, galleries, libraries, etc., and such opportunities can be used in foreign travel, and while traveling inside the country.

With such a device no journey will not seem like a leap into the unknown, because you will be thoroughly knowledgeable about all the details with the help of his electronic assistant.

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