Electromechanical locks — modern access control system

Electromechanical locks - modern access control system

Electromechanical locks can be found everywhere, where the necessary organization of automated access control: intercoms, gates, at the doors of offices and places of storage of values. Modern systems of access control and management could not exist without these locks.

The principle of operation of Electromechanical locks

The work of Electromechanical locks are organized on the principle of supply/withdraw their voltage. Unlike electromagnetic locks, Electromechanical lock is impossible to crack, simply by shattering the door. The appearance of electromagnetic locks also hardly aesthetic, moreover, they can be installed on any type of door. Electromechanical locks are exempt from these restrictions: for them no matter the design of the doors, there is a huge amount of colors and shapes that fit any decor. You can consider a variety of access control system available on the website of the company Videogroup here video-grup/systems-kontrolya-online access/.

The first locks were quite bulky, the connection of the controller block of the castle was carried out with the cable around the door. The resulting design did not allow the slightest inaccuracies during installation, because it was possible to break not only the castle, but and ruin the door itself.

Modern models are exempt from this drawback, the power to them is supplied through the bolt. The cabling is only on the door jamb, not the entire canvas. The control voltage is fed through contacts on the bolt and locking bar. If you connect a controller that will monitor the lock status, the need to install a reed sensor is eliminated. Also new locks are protected from the spontaneous departure of the bolt from hitting the door jamb.

When connecting the Electromechanical lock to the system control and access control the lock and the card reader access join a specific controller (there is also the option of the combined controller-reader). It receives information about the rise to the castle access cards and decides on the permission to open the door. In case of positive decision pushed back the bolt, and the door can be opened. There is also evidence of pass through doors to a particular employee are recorded in the event log, and then can be used for reporting or control discipline.

Normally open and normally closed Electromechanical locks

There are two types of locks: normally open and normally closed. The bolt on the ground if no voltage is in the open state. This type of locks applied to those who may need to urgently enter or exit — for fire exits, walkways to the Elevator, in hospitals.

Normally closed locks are more common, apply to any premises in which it is necessary to restrict or deny access by unauthorized persons — in offices, warehouses or office premises.

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