Electrical work in country houses and cottages

Electrical work in country houses and cottages

Electrical work in country houses and cottages have several differences from the installation works in the apartments or offices. Unlike apartment buildings, private houses are not connected by the grid. Despite the appeal of a wooden house, he loses a comfortable living without the presence of modern electrical equipment. Each option electrical installation is unique and depends on the project of construction of a building, from location and location and construction materials the construction of the house.

That include preparatory electrical work

Incorrectly calculated the cross section of the wires used and failure to comply with the requirements for their installation can cause damage or fire in the wiring. Given the danger to the electrical work must be approached very responsibly. There are many organizations specializing in the manufacture of electrical works turn-key specialists who have the appropriate qualifications and experience of similar work. For example, employees of the company «Stroy MONTAZH Proekt» under not only all types of electrical work and the installation of alarm systems, CCTV, SCS and ACS.

In the preparatory works of the masters included:

  • load calculation, selection of the gauge of the cable;
  • mapping the location of wiring, including drawing on the walls;
  • installation of cable ducts,shtroblenie walls and ceilings;
  • drilling holes for junction boxes, outlets, lamps and chandeliers.

Process of wiring for home

Further there is a Central strip of cable, installation of three-phase switchboard, installation and connecting lead-in cable. Installation of metering devices of electric energy, machine guns, UZO (protective device disconnection). To the electrical panel supplied power to the garage, baths and other buildings.

The correctness of the calculations required load, including connecting electrical appliances in the future, and a professional arrangement of the power supply ensures safe and continuous operation of the electricity system.

The installation process electricians starts with a power cable, which is connected to the Central line. To perform this work requires special equipment and facilities . Because the connection of electricity may result in risk of electric shock, it is carried out by professionals who have the tolerance to work under stress. On the website coolsmp you will be able to find specialists with all levels of tolerance.

Who can do the wiring?

Among other advantages of the challenge to master include:

  • care for the purchase of necessary tools, supplies you can trust the professionals of the organization;
  • masters have years of experience with electrical work, have the necessary certification and discharge, which eliminates errors in Assembly processing;
  • in addition to reporting documents specialists will provide you the guarantee of using the most modern high-quality materials that meet high security and environmental standards.

The planned installation of electrical turnkey is best to coordinate with the designer, because a big role in the interior plays a way to strip wires: internal or external. Go along the wall the cables will spoil the impression of the stylish interior. Since transferring elektrotochki in the future without disrupting the aesthetics of the interior, would be impossible, the first priority for the customer is the exact location of the appliances in the house.

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