Electrical equipment for apartment — what it is and where to look?

Miscellaneous electrical equipment for apartment has become an essential component, without which it is difficult to imagine modern life. With it, every year it becomes more and more. At first glance, it’s the little things, but they make our lives more comfortable. Sockets and switches, meters, door locks, intercoms, and extensions – are all present in almost every apartment. To work devices not trouble you, it is important to choose them right.

Experts recommend buying electrical equipment, to follow some rules:

  • to buy only certified equipment in the audited retail outlets;
  • not worth buying paying attention on the cost of the product, it does not affect the quality;
  • visually check the condition of electrical equipment: all plastic and metal elements should be fulfilled, not to have any chipping, cracking and so on.

Sockets and switches

If you choose the sockets and switches, without which certainly will not do in any apartment, it is important to focus not on their appearance, and reliability and safety. After all, these devices are in direct contact with electricity.

There are two types of sockets and switches:

  • to flush mounted directly to the wall in specially designated recesses;
  • for open wiring – overhead.
  • classic and Euro – the choice depends on what devices you are using;
  • one-, two — and tegnestue;
  • with protective cover (designed for rooms with high humidity, e.g. a bathroom), with ground and usual outlets.

The switches, in turn, are one, two, three keys. There is pressure, rotary ball and rocker.

Electrical equipment for apartment on the Internet

If you are planning to buy equipment for apartment on the Internet, the shop is «Electricity 24» , will be a shining example of the quality of goods and services. The store offers a wide range of electrical goods from well-known manufacturers. All products are certified and guaranteed to operate. Working in the store setup wizard electrical appliances. A convenient form of payment, discounts, promotions, shipping to any city in the country – those services that can provide a reliable store.

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