Electric fireplaces — the warm decoration of your interior

Electric fireplaces - the warm decoration of your interior

Electric fireplaces can be installed in any room, no matter in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. While the location of the fireplace may be different, it can be mounted in the wall, put next to it, set it in a niche, you can even place the fireplace in the center of the room. Fireplaces, which are located near the wall can be positioned in the middle of the wall or in a corner. Some even put the electric heater to the wood burning fireplace. Especially popular in our days, was to install a fireplace in the center of the room.

Electronic fireplaces can be made in the form of stoves, fireplaces or fireplace baskets, which are filled with material that simulates the embers. The most important point when choosing a fireplace is its appearance. First and foremost, many are turning their attention to what looks like a fireplace, and only then on its functional characteristics and cost. The external component is called the portal of the fireplace. It can be made of any material, it all depends on the requirements of the style of the interior and the wishes of the buyer. All modern fireplaces are made in such a way that in operation, even at maximum, the outer shell does not heat up, which means that they can coat any material, even the stone, even plastic.

Metal fireplaces look especially elegant. Fireplaces, which are located at the walls, look best if they are lined with stone, it doesn’t matter whether it is artificial or real.

Beautiful and luxury portal it is possible to make independently, using the moldings, moldings or even Wallpaper. Look quite good portals, built of composite materials on the basis of marble chips and resin. Portals manufacturers of cast marble, it is possible to order the product any desired sizes, colors and textures. The portal will be solid, there will be no seams. However, I should add that some electric fireplaces look quite attractive and without any portals.

Outer shell of electric fireplaces, usually made from stainless steel, brass or wood, the most expensive models are made of plastic. Quite popular today began to throw frames for fireplaces of fusible materials, which mimic an iron casting. If the fireplace is on the floor, not hanging on the wall, its presence is emphasized with floor tiles. It is important not to lose the combination of appearance of the fireplace and room design.

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