Ekostil the interior of your apartment

Ekostil interior in your apartment

Today ekostil interior and environmental style is the most popular destination. it is widespread along with the trend toward healthy lifestyles, self-improvement and self-knowledge.

This important style and fashion, and health, and the environment. With this style, you can create a comfortable environment. Additionally send in this style, whole apartment, you can try only one place in the kitchen, in the bathroom or bedroom. If you like it, then you can expand to other rooms.

Environmental style is anything that is made by hand from natural materials. You can start your own interior with some accessories, nice detail. For example, first make beautiful candle holders or fruit, or any other material. You need to take citrus fruits, cut them so that they could stand without falling and put a small thin candle, and from citrus fruits to remove the pulp and pour melted wax down a candle when it hardens, you will receive an original candlesticks for your design, and most importantly, without the flesh they will be eternal. You choose the dishes should be environmental, the tone should be soft, but the shape is not pointed, more rounded.

From a psychological point of view, rounded relax and soothe. If you choose the furniture in the ecological style, it is worth noting that it is necessary to choose natural materials, light and simple. If the house was the old stool, that today it is fashionable to give new things a vintage twist, so the stools you can try to make new of old, will be very stylish and original. Any antique furniture you should not rashly throw away, you can try to find a replacement for it in your design. Now designers make stain and glaze beautiful antique furniture, but why pay the designer, if most it is interesting and cheap.

Of course, in the ecological style must be a lot of greenery, flowers in pots will complement the interior of any apartment. Wallpaper can be calm monochrome, without graphics (pastel, sand). Still have a photo order of nature, which are in perfect harmony in this design. Aquarium with beautiful fish. will be able to complement your style with comfort and coziness. Aquarium, vases, candlesticks and flowers can be decorated with different stones, which have remained after the travel, if not, then you can buy. In the market you can find healthy mats made of marine stones that you can lay in the bathroom or in the bedroom. You can put a wood stand similar to small logs instead of shelves. We need to experiment to understand which style will suit you.

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