Egyptian style in the interior of your home


Egyptian style in the interior of your home

Luxury is the one word to describe the impressive ethnic Egyptian style interior. Absorbed all the positive qualities of the buildings of the great masters of architecture of Ancient Egypt. The house, designed in the spirit of the Egyptian style, fill the space with the intoxicating feeling of wealth, immersed in a magical luxury.

Egyptian style in the interior and its features

Ancient Egypt – the great civilization with its own unique history. The country still shakes the modern man with his masterpieces of architectural thought. Attracts its unsolved mysteries, surprises with fabulous wealth.

Egyptian style in the interior of the manifold. Interior style of this Sunny country you can explore endlessly, even after reviewing many articles detailing the history of Ancient Egypt, and by reading dozens of books that describe features of lifestyle of the great rulers, nobles and ordinary people, you always discover something new. This is the mystery, the mystique of Egypt.

Room in the Egyptian style warms warmth of the African sun. For good reason this style is among the huge variety of color palette prefer Golden luster. Therefore, it is recommended to use on the walls any shade of yellow and related tones of orange and beige colors. Yellow looks a winner with blue or black color. The blue color symbolizes the sky, used in the decoration of the ceiling. More details about the importance of color in interior can be found on the websites of designers and design studios.

Floors of stone or wood. The more authentic it will look, the more realistic will be the interior space.

Interior decorating in Egyptian style

As finish using arches, columns. In the houses of the ancient Egyptians, who belong to different castes, have much in common. People paid special attention to wall paintings. Depicted simple scenes from the life. This fact should also be remembered when decorating the walls.

The atmosphere of Ancient Egypt can successfully reproduce, decorate the room with statues of Egyptian pharaohs and gods. Thus it is necessary to be careful. It is not necessary to turn the house into a flea market. First of all, the main objective of the Egyptian style is the creation of comfort and coziness.

The comfort of the house give carpets, comfortable luxury furniture. As for furniture, it can be heavy and slow, dark and gloomy tones. The basic material for the manufacture of wood. The furniture is also decorated with some carvings or ornamentation in gold. Harmoniously will look in a bed with a canopy and pillars, chests and dressers. The bathroom in the Egyptian style is perfect for all lovers of warmth and comfort.

Egypt – country of the sun. An obligatory condition is the presence of large Windows. On a huge wooden window blinds from any natural material, in the same colors as the walls or furniture. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lighting. There must be as many fixtures. Thanks to the good lighting, the air starts to live its own life, all cumbersome objects become light, begin to soar.

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