Eco — modern building trend

Eco - modern building trend

Eco is a modern building trend. His concept is to use environmentally friendly building materials and energy conservation using the most advanced technologies. In this article you will see the house project from the Belarusian company Form 8.

Project eco 210 square feet created based on the hours it will be occupied by a family of four. Its construction is planned in the village of Agarti, which is located in the suburbs of Minsk. At the request of customers in the house has three bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms, a large living room on the ground floor goes to the terrace, kitchen with two work areas and a garage. The house will have simple geometric shapes, enabling it to blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. For finishing, it was decided to use natural wood.

Energy saving components of the house include recuperative ventilation system, windmill, solar water heater, Underfloor heating and radiators. Due to the fact that the winters in Belarus are quite cold it was decided to hold the house has gas heating. To save energy, the architects, the house was equipped with huge Windows which allow maximum use of natural lighting. In the event of a power outage the owners had to buy diesel generator in Minsk They fill the house with light and air, which certainly have a positive impact on the health and mood of residents.

The construction of eco-homes today stands out as a separate successfully developed a niche construction business. He has both supporters and opponents. however, to argue that this house is economically more profitable ordinary and much more useful for life, no one is capable of. Despite the higher initial cost of construction of the house for 5-8 years, he completely pays for itself and starts saving your money the entire period of operation.

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