Eco-design to become popular

Eco-design to become popular

Currently increasingly popular in interior design is gaining the direction of eco-design. This happens because people are tired of the hustle and bustle of big cities, they have a lot of work and not enough time to rest, especially on trips out of town to relax and connect with nature.

Eco-design to become popular

Ecological design or eco-design is the embodiment of the innate human desire to bring his environment, his house (a recently and office) to natural conditions.

Eco-design is actively talking at the end of the twentieth century. Of course, nature has been accessed before, the other styles. For example, in modernity clearly reflects natural themes, but in contrast to eco-design, art Nouveau relied more on classic style. Ecological design is more modern, it has electronics, which is not natural.

The origins of eco-design must be sought in Scandinavia, which combined natural materials with innovative form as well as in Japan, which traditionally uses natural theme.

Today, eco-design can also include:

  • Phyto (the use of interior a large number of colors);
  • Psychodesign (design reflects a certain psychological portrait of the individual);
  • Feng Shui.

Himself eco style gives more freedom for creativity – there are no clear rules and boundaries. Important to use natural materials and fabrics, plenty of light, space and plants.

If we talk about colours, it is white, beige, brown, green and light blue, materials – wood, glass, clay and stone, fabrics – only natural. The only condition is not to overload the space and not use the same materials and colours throughout.

Today in the layout of an office, employers are trying to use all these techniques and styles to create the most comfortable working conditions for employees. In the eco style decorating, not only classrooms and working space, but also chill out and even negotiating.

As for accommodation, the most popular eco-friendly bathroom design. Purity is associated in people with a certain reunion with nature.

Eco-design quickly gained the attention of people in the world due to its positive energy and the fact that it promotes relaxation, pay attention to health and correct life.

In the United States and Europe have long been the construction used environmentally friendly materials and inventing new and easily applicable methods of energy production (solar panels, wind farms, etc.). For them, eco-design, first and foremost, it is an environmental waste disposal.

One of the most striking examples of the use of eco-interior design project was presented to the Bureau Joel Sanders Architect in collaboration with Balmori Associates. Located in new York city in Midtown Manhattan, it is a city garden with a terrace on the roof, decorated with carpet of grasses and trees.

On the first floor of the penthouse consists of a living area with living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom. There is no division in the room – all zones combined in a single space. On the roof garden staircase, around which are planted with natural plants.

According to the developers, used to create the interior of the dwelling vegetation, and environmental palette of synthetic and natural materials, across all facilities of the apartment and the border of the roof, blurring the traditional distinction between internal and external, natural and artificial.

In creating the interior the designers used recycled wood walnut, which contrasts with the white walls and industrial elements of the space and makes the atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Russia is still at the very beginning of this long journey. Considering the market of offered services, it is still in its infancy. In Moscow presented a wide range of services related to eco-design. In St. Petersburg this market is virtually untapped, to say nothing of other cities of our vast country. However it should be noted that the environmental business activity of the companies of St. Petersburg is more oriented to manufacturing enterprises and related to environmental certification and documentation.

The demand for environmental services in the Russian market it is difficult to estimate due to the large number of directions.

The only problem why eco-design is not gaining popularity as fast as in Europe, is the high cost of natural materials. The natural wood furniture is much more expensive, even without taking into account the fact that in eco style is a preference for solid wood furniture. However, fabric eco style never belonged to the category «wealthy».

It’s simple, and decor items: vases from glass, clay, flowers, wicker baskets, trunks, tree branches, items of straw. Importantly, every object in the interior to be harmonious and to connect with nature.

In conclusion, I would like to say that eco-design in the interior is perfect for people who feel responsible for the environment in which they live, or those who are simply tired of the noise of the big city and wants to experience the atmosphere of calm and comfort.

author: Paulina Malina, project Manager of the joint project team RedLine)

Suspended ceilings in Yekaterinburg can be made from environmentally friendly materials. This will make possible their use in eco-design.

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