Eat sushi, drink sake

Eat sushi, drink sake

In this article, we will describe the process of cooking sushi and rolls. You will also learn how to eat properly.

Cooking rice for sushi and rolls

Suitable for sushi rice is round and sticky. Some companies produce special rice for Japanese cuisine. On the packaging write its preparation. Rice prepared in different ways.

Rice for sushi is called somasi.

Attention, the rice is measured, the Japanese did not in grams and in milliliters. Measure the displacement of a bowl in which to measure the rice and water.

Sushi and rolls are served with pickled ginger (Gari or shoga), Japanese horseradish (wasabi), soy sauce.

Cook the rice:

250 gr. rice, 3 tbsp Japanese rice vinegar and 2.5 tbsp sugar, 2 tsp salt.

Preparing: thoroughly rinse Rice until water is bright. Discard rice in a colander and leave for 1 hour (this is done to leave the excess water)

Put the rice in a large pot, pour 500 ml of water, close the lid. bring to a boil. Cook for 5 minutes. Reduce heat to small and cook under a lid until all water is absorbed. Remove from heat, leave for 10 minutes.

The Japanese add when cooking, kombu (dried kelp), it gives the rice flavor. But this is optional.

Make a dressing:

In vinegar dissolve salt and sugar.

Spread the rice in a large bowl, pouring the dressing mix with a wooden spatula the rice, breaking up lumps. Do this as if sharp movements, as if turning over slowly. Well, if your assistant will have to fan the rice with a fan (or magazine )

When the rice has cooled, you can make sushi or rolls.

Making sushi you have to dip hands in solution of rice vinegar. 4 tablespoons of vinegar to 250 gr. water. Drop the hands into water, take a handful of rice, slightly compressible, shape rice cake.

Rice for sushi is not cooked in store.

Nori – Maki with crab sticks

400 of cooked rice (see above)

1 sheet nori

crab sticks thawed, deploy)

1 cucumber

1 carrot raw


put on the table Mat. On it lay a sheet of nori (or rather his soul mate, from one sheet of nori turns two rolls)

Nori thin, dark green sheets of dried seaweed. Rich in minerals, especially calcium and potassium. Sold in stores Japanese products

Put the nori shiny side down. Spread on nori with a thin layer of rice. Leave the bezel where it 1 see In the center lined with rice to hold the longitudinal strip of wasabi.

In the center on wasabi put the filling: striped crab sticks, thinly slice cucumber and carrots.

Start svarachivat. Moving myself to the center, lifting the Mat, holding the filling with a hand formed loaf.

With a wet knife cut into 2 halves, each into 3 equal pieces. Roll it, lay seam side down.

Served with soy sauce.

A few words about the Japanese etiquette of dealing with chopsticks (Hashi)

We can do this:

stick chopsticks in food, especially rice, do it only at funerals!!

clamp sticks in his fist.

to pass food with chopsticks though.

prick food with chopsticks

draw sticks on the table, specify them on someone or something.

banging sticks on the plate

laying sticks across the cymbals

How to use chopsticks

Use the sticks like this:

1. The hand should be relaxed, the thumb looks to himself, index and middle a bit forward

2. First, take one stick (at a distance of one third from the top end) between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. Holding the stick the thumb and ring fingers so that index, middle finger and thumb at the same uratowali ring.

3. Take the second rod, positioning it parallel to the first, at a distance of 15mm. When straightened the middle finger, the sticks apart.

4.Bring the sticks together, bending the index finger, and pinch with the tips of what you want to send in the mouth. In addition, if the piece is too large, the sticks can be split, but only very carefully.

Japanese dishes and ingredients are always chopped, so the knife as Cutlery is redundant. However fork little pieces to take difficult, in this case, the sticks are the perfect tool. On the website fresh sushi every client give disposable chopsticks. To learn how to use chopsticks is not as difficult as it may seem.

Article taken from the website osushi

California rolls

– belong to the category of plump sushi rolls

It turns out that

Sushi cannot be prepared in advance. The Golden rule : cooked – eaten .

As Sushi make «fingers» — they are allowed to eat with your hands.

There are 6 varieties of Japanese soy sauce. Only 2 of them are the most common and are used both in cooking and at the table.

As the author advises not to replace Japanese sauce, Chinese soy sauce.

Green tea is served to start the meal and continue to drink throughout the process of eating.

Empty glass or Cup means you are waiting for the «retry», leave your Cup full if you drink enough.

Wasabi-avocado sushi canapés

about 28 thin canapés

for rolls :

2 sheets Nori

2 cups of rice sushi

1 tsp wasabi paste

a little slim green onions

decoration :

½ Avocado, finely chopped

¾ Cup stems of peas (see photo)

2 tbsp mayonnaise

Sushi rolls are not only rice, that’s the example, noodle – Somen noodle sushi

Thin Sushi rolls :

***decorations — shredded threads beets and radish

Sushi rolls upside down

yet, even without these Nori :

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