DVP – scope and pre-emptive characteristics

DVP – scope and pre-emptive characteristics

Low price and diverse format fibreboard (MDF) identified their widespread popularity in the construction industry and in manufacturing. Using this material perform finishing and rough work, the sheets are excellent decoration and decoration.

On the website tsi-plit presents a large selection of MDF, and you can also see the detailed characteristics of this material, to receive the qualified consultation of experts regarding the selection and application of wood veneer.

Advantageous features

The first is to note the environmentally friendly fiberboard, made from natural wood fibres by extrusion under high pressure. From this we can determine the preferential characteristics of the plywood panels:

  • resistance to deformations – wood panels do not warp and do not swell over time even when the humidity is high, if not completely wet them with water.
  • durability – this type of plywood has a high performance that allows under normal conditions to ensure long-term functionality of the material;
  • broad scope of application – this type of plywood is subdivided into 5 subspecies, however, this does not universally apply, for example, as sound and thermal insulation material for the production of furniture, doors, partitions, cladding of various surfaces.

Classification by types

As mentioned above, there are five main varieties of fiberboard, which predetermine their further use as building material or for other production purposes.

  • Soft – this type of plywood sheet is highly porous and not very durable structure. Often it is used as insulating material for surface finishing or as a substrate over other solid surface materials. Mark this with the letter M and numbered 1, 2, 3.
  • Semi-solid usually, this type is used for the manufacture of furniture. It is made the rear, bottoms and drawers. The maximum thickness of the hardboard sheet of this type is 12 mm, in contrast to the soft to 25 mm.
  • Solid – due to the low porosity, this type of plywood acts as an excellent material for the manufacture of panel doors. Its density varies from 800 to 1000 kg/m3.
  • Superhard – has high performance data that allow the use of such PVC sheets for the production of arches, partitions, doors, flooring. The leaves are very thin (less than 5mm), so it floats high on the contrary.
  • Laminate this type of fiberboard is refined and combines many functions on other sheets. Used birch plywood found in the upholstery of furniture and other decorative surfaces.
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