Duplex house – a new trend in suburban real estate

Duplex house – a new trend in suburban real estate

Duplex house is a system of several country houses, which are located at different sites, but connected by one roof and the wall. The duplex has two separate entrances, and in fact are completely independent spaces. This type of suburban real estate appeared relatively recently, but already managed to catch the fancy of consumers on the market.

Townhouse duplex, ideal for a large family

The main users of the cottages have large families consisting of several generations. The townhouse duplex is very convenient when to leave does not want, but to live in the same housing is also not very convenient. But the purchase of the duplex seems to be suggests life «under one roof», but at the same time provides individual family’s right to privacy.

Buying already built duplexes economy class, you get two completely identical houses. They are no different as the inside. It is not difficult to notice, looking at the photo of duplex. Often, a standard project duplex equipment on the ground floor kitchen and living room. On the second floor most often placed office, bathroom and bedrooms. The construction of a duplex cottage you can focus solely on their discretion. Rather, the primary rule in the construction of the duplex there is an external similarity of homes, and equipment adjacent walls and common roofs. In planning the interior you have the right to follow their own imagination and taste.

Better than a duplex cottage?

The duplex has a considerable number of advantages over conventional cottage house. Among these are:

  1. Autonomous accommodation of two different families almost in the same area.
  2. Budget savings, as all utility costs are divided equally in connection with the shared counters in the duplex.
  3. Every family separately disposes of more land since the total area under construction of the house is spent more economically.

Choosing the cottages are duplex as a residential space, you should pay attention to the location and main characteristics of the village or suburb in which you plan the acquisition of this property. Make sure that the house was located on the site, which were easy to sum everything necessary for a comfortable life communication. Choose a locality, which indicates a good environmental situation, and also favorably located to transportation.

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