Duplex apartments — variant from Sweden

Duplex apartments - variant from Sweden

Duplex apartments are becoming increasingly popular. Most often this layout is found in the penthouses, and the design of duplex apartments is considered to be very highly paid. I present to you a review of this duplex apartment, which is located in the town of Stockholm (Vasastan), in Sweden. This city is famous for its parks, churches, cozy restaurants and music shops. It was in this city on Dalagatan, 46, lived the famous children’s storyteller Astrid Lindgren, who came up with Carlson walking through the local Park Vasaparken!

The interior of a duplex apartment that I want to share with you today, is located on the top two floors of an old three-story house built in the distant 1907. Large and bright it is as if it were designed for family life and for entertaining guests. Here cozily arranged leisure areas where you can relax and for entertainment. The area is 226 square meters with high ceilings, the designers have allowed themselves to create a truly cozy and attractive home. Unfortunately, I do not know the cost of that assessment demonstrated that the apartment of this scale in Sweden, but here, in Odessa, she could walk up to half a million dollars.









Located on the second level kitchen allows you to overlook the entire hall. Built-in kitchen appliances liebherr-e looks great on this bright kitchen without breaking the overall concept of the interior. The main colors are white and black – the most fashionable today range in Scandinavia. This color scheme is very good, because it looks perfectly colored piece of furniture, whether it be a painting, pillow, lamp, or a tub with flowers.

I loved the outdoor deck – so light and airy! Here there is a place for people and plants.

This is one of the best interiors I’ve seen lately and it is perfect for people of any age!

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