Dubrovsky, film 2014, unchanging human values and baseness

Dubrovsky, 2014 year – rumbling thundered across Russia and gave the immortal work of A. S. Pushkin, to be again read by millions of descendants of the Great genius.

The plot of the film «Dubrovsky»

The film Dubrovsky left an indelible impression, from a mixture of imperishable story with modern life. There is a feeling that in life there are several scenarios and it spins the wheel endlessly. Hatred, love, revenge, separation, the struggle for justice, lives like one story about happiness, which can never comprehend. The film is heartfelt, tremendous work has been done, which felt the life force. The main subject of the painting gave the viewer the novel Dubrovsky by Pushkin, but the modern improvements also merit attention. You can download the movie and enjoy watching this picture.

Dubrovsky, film 2014, unchanging human values and baseness 2

Who directed and starred in the film «Dubrovsky»

Brilliant game Danila Kozlovsky, actor of undoubted talent, who contributed to the success of the film all the skill. Also brilliantly played the role of Troyekurov actor Yuri Tsurilo. Director at altitude, given the fact that on the painting worked two people Alexander Vartanov and Kirill Mikhanovsky, it is more difficult technically and professionally. But the castings hold together is so much easier because you have someone to consult.

Why not, especially looking at the Russian winter landscapes, presented time, Dubrovsky, which is more than two hundred years, and the struggle, the love, the youth, if it was, not counting of course the modern changes. Because of Dubrovsky of the 18th century, the picture touches on deeper feelings than expected. The struggle for happiness and the despair at the vicissitudes of life, will not leave anyone indifferent, will make you think and have empathy.

The film can be attributed to the best for the last time, just for the fact that it shows life as it is sensual, daring and life-changing.

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