Dressing gowns for Star Wars fans

Dressing gowns for Star Wars fans

Dressing gowns for fans of Star Wars will be a great gift to adults. With their help, you can watch your favorite movies while lying on a sofa, or to hone the skills of a Jedi knight at the gym.

Let the force be with you!

Dressing gowns for Star Wars fans

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The fantastical world of «Star wars» appeared in 1976, when he published the eponymous book by A. D. foster and J. Lucas. It tells the story filmed in the part called «Episode IV: a New hope». 21 years later, in 1997, George Lucas was awarded the Hugo award for this novel in the Congress of the world community of science fiction. Since it was filmed 6 movies, from a lot of cartoons, cartoons drawn hundreds of comic books and created many video game based on this epic Saga. No wonder the fans of this story buy the robes in bulk to feel like a «Star wars».

I think that among the readers of my blog there are many fans of George Lucas ‘ creations. I grew up on stories about fighting the galactic Republic to the Empire. Remember how in the childhood we dreamed to become true knights of the Jedi to resist the dark side. For us Tatooine and Korsant were as distant and real as Sydney or Vladivostok.

Today, everyone has the opportunity to dress in their favorite characters from the «Star wars» not only during festivals, like Comic-Con, but in the evenings relaxing at home. As you can see, among these creative dressing gowns is not only the apparel of the Jedi, Chewbacca costume, R2-D2, but the dark Emperor, Boba Fett and Imperial stormtroopers. You do have the right to decide on which side to stand up tonight.

In 2015 will be the seventh pilot episode under the title «Star wars: a New Dawn». As stated by the Walt Disney company, which bought Lucasfilm, the rights to «Star wars», this episode will be the beginning of the third Saga. George Lucas will act as a consultant on the set, so all fans can be sure that all the canons are met.

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