Dressing gown a must-have item in every wardrobe

Dressing gown a must-have item in every wardrobe 10_Fotor_Collage

A dressing gownis considered the most convenient and practical thing for the house, which is always at hand. Bathrobes can be for all occasions, dressy as a dress or warm for swimming.

The robe gave the world the East, with his usual simplicity of the stitched piece of fabric. With Arab robe means «an honorary dress» that was made of silk, velvet, wool or brocade and caused a beautiful embroidered and sewn with precious stones. The patterns were amazingly beautiful, detailed that carry a deeper meaning. The robe was a dress, Cape and uniform at the same time, a long time remained the main clothing in the East. today, many prefer to buy men’s pajamas, leaving Bathrobe clothes for women, but men’s robes find its fans.

Migration of the gown to Europe happened in the 17th century, thanks to the Turks, where he immediately became a fashionable trend in bourgeois circles. Wealthy aristocrats on top of their usual toilet, put on a Bathrobe, and so went around the house, meeting guests for lunch. Russian nobility also appreciated the loose cut and wide sleeves of the robe. Long Bathrobe in Russia considered empty attribute.

Of course reaching up to our days the gown has changed a lot. Now at any time possible to acquire high-quality bathrobes from the manufacturer, which guarantees quality and a reasonable price. Appeared favorite Terry bathrobes, bamboo bathrobes, beautiful gowns, dresses viotex37/halatyu, bathrobes for pregnant women, kids robes, as well as sexy silk robes that will please your mate. Became mandatory the presence of bathrobes in good hotels and bathing complexes. Bathrobes can be seen even in Boxing, where for each athlete to create personalized silk robe. A dressing gown is lightweight and a little bit of intimate apparel that everyone needs.

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