Drawings on the walls — a simple guide for all

How to draw on the walls - a simple guide for all

Drawings on the walls – one of the great ways to diversify the interior of your house (apartment) a unique image. This is very interesting, beautiful and fashionable, but very expensive.

Simple, not even a pattern, a light pattern can form a hole in the family budget of a few tens of thousands rubles, and the complex pattern of the plot can come to a hundred thousand. It will, of course, high-quality work of a professional artist, all will be adjusted, the colors will be bright and clear, but for most average people it is a waste of money. But do not despair! Beautiful and high-quality image and (or) the mosaic you can create your own as good but much cheaper. We will now discuss.

Preparation for drawing on the wall

First, put your hands immediately if you do not have a masterpiece of talent for drawing. It turned out to be, not necessarily, as today, there are some simple and effective ways to create paintings on the walls. Here the most important thing – the desire to create and some free time.

First we need to prepare the surface (wall) where you will draw. Usually the paint is applied to fresh and dried plaster that lines the wall of a well and preparing it for painting. Of course, there are cases where in advance to prepare the wall is not necessary. For example, if the pasted wall Wallpaper, designed for painting (for example, special types of non-woven Wallpaper).

Tools for drawing on the walls

Now let’s talk about tools for the job. In order to create a beautiful pattern, you will need several brushes of different thickness, in order to convey all the nuances. If you paint under the stencil, so will fit a small roller or a quality sponge. If you haven’t had much experience with wall paintings, it is advisable not to use in their composition more than three or four shades, since the colors may not be suited to each other and spoil the whole composition.

Brevity – the sister of talent. Also the minimalistic style can decorate your room more than colorful and incomprehensible drawings on the fence. Suitable for walls paint of medium thickness, preferably water resistant (not for picture lasted longer), you can even get the gouache if you want to periodically change the picture. Also, if you have already gained hand, you can use spray paint to create graffiti on the walls. This is a very modern and fun way to diversify the interior, but it should not be taken if you’re new.

Also you can buy permanent markers in this online store and paint your old Wallpaper! This pattern will be resistant to fading in the sun and will not be wiped in case of an accidental touch.Don’t be afraid to try something new and discover new horizons, even at home!

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