Downshifting or where you can overwinter

Downshifting or where you can overwinter

Downshifting – the concept for Russia is not that new, but not all clear. In the world of the so-called movement, where you leave the good civilized, for the sake of something lower level, but will gain in freedom of action. People who carry the philosophy of this movement, called downshifters.

In our country, these people are more judging, although many of the compatriots deep down fantasize about how to spend the cold Russian winter in a warm country on the shore of the azure ocean. Someone just thinks about it, assessing opportunities, and someone is already looking at cost of flights to exotic countries eyeing to housing and food basket. Not all warm countries can boast affordability and convenience for travelers. So where can you spend the winter to stay warm, comfortable and near the ocean ?

. Bali (Indonesia)

This option is much more expensive than in other countries, but it is worth noting that exotic species, green tropical forests and unique ocean, in the opinion of tourists, is unique in the world. There are people with middle and higher incomes. The country is beautiful, so many different yummy fruits, a lot of interesting and picturesque places. Forever green country of the romantics, tourists and travelers. It costs to rent in Bali cheap, but to find such variants is rather difficult.


On the right is stable first. The first settlers were seen in the state of GOA, as a rule they were young hippies who arrived in the country of eternal summer, the scorching sun and good mood. The cost of rent and food is not changed, depending on the season. The cost of travel is the airfare, all others by our standards is worth a penny. Infrastructure for people who have decided to stay for a long time, preferably in the state of GOA. Here, tropical plants, exotic fruits, warm ocean. Along the beach are different bungalows in large numbers and for every taste. You can always choose to your liking and negotiate tenancy for the requisite period. Necessarily need a visa.


A country that has long been appreciated by tourists all over the world and Russian including. In Thailand is very well developed rental properties, and motorbike. All just for those people who live in the country on the debt, who is waiting out the winter, who is choosing this place for a long stay. Prices for products and services slightly higher than in India, but the country is much more civilized. The Internet is everywhere, hotels are equipped with modern audio and video equipment, the quality of services also can please. The Thais are very kind and hospitable people, always smiling and ready at any moment to come to your aid. Visa for Russians is not necessary.

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