Door with a panel or design features paneled door leaf


Door panels cannot be confused with others. They represent a design consisting of a wooden frame with detailed decorations. What is the base of the lower part of the frame is much wider than the lateral and transverse parts.

Panels fastened to the frame in two ways: with the help of special notches inside the frame or decorative bead, placed in such a way as to insert, if necessary, can be easily replaced. Wood panel doors are divided into three categories:

  • Made of soft timber – pine, birch, maple;
  • More durable products made from oak, hornbeam, walnut, teak, beech;
  • Combined models made of particleboard, plywood and density wood-based panels.

Some products on top of the laminate or applied onto the surface veneer of noble breeds of wood, which significantly prolongs service life.

Why are they so actual door panel

Beautiful panel is a special decoration that can dramatically change the appearance of the door leaf. Their choice today is not restricted – relief, carved, painted, stained, frosted or clear glass. The most popular finish options: contrast panel differs from the base color and texture, solid – all parts are made of the same material.

In comparison with other products, paneled door from an array have many advantages:

  • Aesthetic appeal – they look rich, presentable, original.
  • Versatility. Suitable for installation in apartments, private home, public space.
  • Usability – a properly installed panels reinforce door design.
  • Strength, long service life, excellent insulation.
  • The ability to pick up the option for any interior.
  • Application for the decoration of interior and exterior openings.
  • Varied pricing from low-budget solutions to high-end models.

For mounting in a city apartment most suitable products with aluminum frame inside. At the cottage, you can install a wooden door made of coniferous species, which permanently retain the original color. But with intensive use the surface of this design requires periodic updates of the top coat layer.

How to properly care for paneled lweru

The impact of negative natural factors has a negative impact on the surface of the paneled doors of the array. When choosing detergents, preference should be given to compositions which do not contain aggressive ingredients that can damage the surface. At strong pollution it is permissible to use alcohol diluted with water (1:1). To restore the original appearance of the door leaf is applied a special mixture that is applied with a soft cloth or tissue.

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