Door. Types and characteristics

Door. Types and characteristics

Doors are essential part of decoration for any home. In order to determine which door to choose, you need to consider all their types and purpose.

Distinction doors by material manufacturing

Depending on the material of doors, they can be divided into the following types:

  1. Wood. Wood is a natural material that people use from time immemorial. Wooden doors are environmentally friendly and durable enough. The varieties of these doors a lot. A choice of doors from different wood species, which affects their price. Everyone can choose an appropriate door in its pocket. Manufacturers provide us with new and interesting patterns and colors. The relevance of gaining doors with decorative Windows with elements of forging.
  2. Aluminum. Are durable, sound and heat insulation, fire resistance. Despite the relatively small weight, ensure the safety of housing. The manufacture of such doors is very time-consuming process. Therefore, the price of aluminum doors is quite high.
  3. Steel. Doors are made of steel similar in performance to the aluminum doors. They possess great strength. Manufacturers pleasing design solutions, and is also used in door rust preventative.
  4. Glass. These doors are used to create a special interior. They contribute to greater light penetration into the dwelling, and visually expand the space. On the strength of they, of course, inferior to the steel doors, but not «graze back» on the market.
  5. Veneered. These doors are top coated with a thin layer of wood veneer. Inferior quality of wooden doors, and therefore have no more value.
  6. Laminated. These doors are plastered with a special laminate that allows designers to create interesting colors. Laminated doors can be installed in front of direct sunlight.
  7. Laminated. Similar to laminate, but cheaper option.
  8. Doors with MDF. MDF is made from small wood sawdust. Practical and affordable doors made from MDF are very popular.
  9. Plastic. The use of plastic in the manufacture of doors, distinguishes them from other kind of design. Presented in an unlimited variety of colors.
  10. Combined. Manufactured using different materials in a single product.

Types of door opening

Doors can also be divided into types according to the type of their opening:

  • Hinged doors have better heat and sound insulation. These doors are considered to be classic or standard. There is a left-side opening hinged doors and right-hand. This choice is presented only for convenience purposes.
  • Swing-out doors are set of ways of opening. Usually this solution is used for plastic doors.
  • Sliding doors are today quite popular. They function as partitions between rooms, as well as an unusual interior decoration. Materials and colors are diverse. Sliding doors can be opened in parallel, as well as lifting way.
  • Pendulum type of door opening allows you to move them as one or the other side.
  • Folding doors open in the form of an accordion. These doors are made by joining several canvases.
  • Automatic doors have in their design a special reason.

Today, it’s easy to get lost in the selection of interior or exterior doors. Looking at the photo of doors with a mirror inside and decorative plates, it is difficult to determine the choice. Explaining that you are interested in, preferences, the seller will offer you a choice of appropriate doors. And then you can choose the desired design.

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