Door closers

Door closers, devices that facilitate our life 9

One of the many devices that make our lives easier, are door closers. This simple design ensures a tight closure of the door, and, therefore, no drafts, heat preservation and the reduction of human effort. Closers put as on exterior doors and if necessary on the inside.

How to install door closer

When acquiring a closer is necessary to consider what the door and the wall it is installed. It depends on the size, material from which it is made and dimensions of fixing elements. You need to understand that a device that provides a tight closure of the massive steel doors will be very different in characteristics from that which will close doors. If you need closers on sliding glass doors, you should pay attention to the Agile model 150.

As a rule, complete with door closer comes the scheme of its installation. It must be strictly followed as any deviation may affect its full operation and longevity of use. Holes for mounting must razmechtalsya using a level and rod should be qualitatively connected.

Before installation, verify proper installation of doors. It should not be installed with warps, loops should be flat, the door in a slightly open position should not be closed or open independently. After the installation it is necessary to check its quality.

The sequence of steps during installation

First of all, you should understand the installation instructions. For convenience, most manufacturers do it in great detail and make templates in full size. This gives the ability to accurately mark the installation location. From the enclosed table it is necessary to choose the optimal opening angle of the door leaf and then drill the four holes for attaching the door closer to the wall and two in the door itself. Then with screws to the door jamb is attached to the lever, which is then worn on the corresponding axle and is fixed with a special bolt. The closer case must be securely fastened, with a nut regulating the closing force should be opposite to the door hinges. Need to adjustable lever arm was perpendicular to the door frame. After performing these operations the latch is closed with a decorative panel or cover.

The ability to control

In the process of use, you may need to adjust the speed of closing or opening doors. This requires the use of the regulating valve. To control use valve number two. The location is specified in the instructions. Changing the spring force or the angle of Otkrytiye doors by turning the adjusting nut. Lubrication in ball joints of levers and rods are changed twice a year. Inspection and necessary adjustments of the door closer is carried out every six months.

Performing all these simple rules will allow you to use a useful mechanism for a long time without replacement.

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