Does it make sense to use laminate in the kitchen?

Does it make sense to use laminate in the kitchen?

The arrangement of the kitchen – a special moment in the repair of housing, it is important to consider many nuances. The question often arises: «What material to cover the floor?». Tile is cold and the linoleum will quickly lose their appearance. The perfect solution can become more warm, durable and inexpensive laminate flooring in the kitchen. But many people stop the fact that the coating is constantly subjected to moisture. To make a correct choice it is necessary to consider the possibility of using laminate flooring in the kitchen.

Modern developments allowed the rise of the laminate 32, 33 and 34 classes that can last up to three decades with proper care. Used used 23 class, which helped me not to think about the repair in just 4 years.

Also currently on the market is widely represented by a variety of options for moisture proof and waterproof coatings. They differ in that the former are able to survive high humidity, splashes and small puddles, but the water need time to clean for 20 minutes. Joints have this kind of coverage is a weak spot, it is advisable to handle them with a special sealant. Waterproof laminate will handle as much as 6-7 hours even with the flow. It seams do not require sealing, as processed in the production. The disadvantage is high cost.

If doubts about the sustainability too strong, it is necessary to pay attention to the combined variant: in work area to use tiles, as in the rest of the kitchen cover the floor with laminate.

Proper care will help to prolong the service life of the coating . You should not perform wet cleaning, often better to sweep away the debris. If laminate flooring is heavily soiled, wash it should be only wrung almost dry with a cloth and with the use of special tools. The use of aggressive alkaline or acid solutions, hard brushes can lead to the destruction of the top coat layer, reducing its resistance to moisture and speed up the erase process. Chips and scratches should be treated with a paste designed for laminate.

Today, technology is used for the manufacture of floor coverings has leaped forward. Use of the laminate in the kitchen now more than justified. Moisture resistance and reliability – properties that speak in favor of choosing this coverage. A variety of decorative solutions and a wide range of prices, which can be viewed on the link will allow you to find the most suitable option for kitchen design. And competent care will help to preserve the appearance for many years.

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