Do the suspended ceiling in the room — basic concepts

Do the suspended ceiling in the room - basic concepts

Stretch ceiling is a type of finish that leads to a huge number of advantages over regular ceilings. Despite the textures of the color palette, the probability of combining material, they have an excellent reputation in the field of repair. In a complex multi-level or combined ceilings apply different textures which match each other. The material used for suspended ceilings could be: mother-of-pearl, with the color of the metallic, satin, glossy, matte, marble, or suede, wood. The combination of textures depends only on the imagination or interior style.

The ceiling may be performed in different variants: multi-level, combo, mirror, photo printing, imitation mosaic, wood, suede, etc when making stretch ceiling harmony with the General appearance of the entire room.

Types of ceilings

Two-level ceilings

Two-level ceilings are often used indoors for zoning. Because this method is of a two-tier ceiling, but the differences between a texture treatment or a color palette. Designers believe that such a ceiling, even a small room with minimal furniture can spice things up and give it harmony. The backlight for such ceiling is established for each layer, so it plays a not unimportant role in the interior. This design allows you to hide or decorate a pair of stretch ceiling with Cabinet, making the interior more pretentious.

Combined ceilings

Construction of plasterboard with the use of suspended ceiling includes appearance, originality, and individuality. Mirrored ceilings have become quite popular. With the use of such ceilings can be visually increase the space, both in width and in height. Designers have a large variation mirrored ceilings.

The advantage of combined ceilings the potential combination of textures and colors. The combination of matte with glossy surface, gives the mirror effect, therefore, the floor area increases. The combination of the material, enables a simple design of the room to turn challenging, given the combination of textures.

A ceiling coated with a photo printing

Very unusual look ceilings with printed photo print, which gives it brightness and beauty. Applied to your ceiling with any drawings, graffiti, photography, landscapes, sky vaults etc. the print looks better on the satin canvas. Satin stretch ceiling can be of different colors. No complicated design, easy to install and helps to save space after installation, provides additional insulation. Satin ceiling is puncture-safe, because made from the finest of material. Mounted at high temperatures, therefore, first to mount it better to repair the premises.

Samsami steles
Suede ceiling

Imitation natural materials with the help of a stretch ceiling makes the room unusual. Suede ceiling perfect for the music room. Ceiling with imitation wood gives a sense of confidence, is used most often in the hallways. Looks very nice mirrored wardrobe and a suspended ceiling with a wave machine. Nothing soothes a person like the sound of water, but as the ceiling to make a sound can’t, then it really calms and gives comfort to the room.

Suspended ceiling simulation of the night sky is simply mesmerizing in its beauty. In order to be shining stars set spotlights, or applied a luminous paint.

To add personality to any room designers even resorted to the most extraordinary solutions in the field of stretch ceilings. Such solutions there are so many. Fashion always goes forward, so choosing a suspended ceiling only rely on their feelings and needs.

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