Django unchained — slavery as the biggest failure of mankind

Django unchained - slavery as the biggest failure of mankind

Django unchained is a great film by Quentin Tarantino, which was filmed in 2012. The master of world cinema managed to fit in a 165-minute all the bitterness of the oppressed people and to show his thirst for freedom.

Slavery – some people consider it the greatest failure of humanity, the action, completely devoid of humanity, and some consider it the most appropriate way to get rich quickly, without doing in all this large investment. For centuries, plantation owners used slaves from Africa for their own purposes. They worked on the plantations in absolutely inhuman conditions: a hell of a job from sunset to sunrise, a small amount of food, a mockery of the owners, rape and much more, then what was considered absolutely normal attitude to slaves.

The main character of the film «Django unchained» from time to time was one of such slaves. He found a woman fell in love and they secretly got married. But when the owner found out about it – are severely punished, he sold the girl to another person, thus separated them. Django was depressed and life seems ended for him.

But one day, a white man nicknamed «the Dentist» frees Django. This man is a professional hunter for criminals, his job is to find and kill them, but it is quite a dangerous job and he needed an assistant, and not expensive. He sees it in Django. «The dentist» offers the hero a job, and if he agree, then upon completion will receive full freedom. Django agrees.

The bounty hunter is learning Django and one acquires the skills necessary for this work, it is to learn to shoot, to fight, to hide their emotions, and more. When the work was done, «the Dentist» Django decides to help reclaim what was taken from them. The fact that hunter was interested in the story of Django about his beloved and he wants to help her to free her.

To do this they must find the person who bought it and tries to return it to Django. But this main character needs to transform into the person he so vehemently despises.

There are many different genres of movies, but the movies Tarantino — it is a separate genre. And like many of the Director’s works, this film is no exception. It should appeal to those who decided to watch the season 5 «breaking bad» and fans of «War and peace».

I want to highlight the excellent performance of the actors, the most smartly played the main villain of the movie performed by Leonardo DiCaprio and a bounty hunter in the performance of Christopher Waltz, his game really want to believe, it captivates from the beginning to the end of the film. The game is S. L. Jackson too high, it is a pity that the person nominated by the wayside.

At a high level well as costumes, the landscape, scenery and of course most importantly – a sea of blood. The end of the movie with the wrong blood in a Tarantino.

Story written by Tarantino as always on top and will constantly surprise the audience with their breathtaking turns, which are impossible to foresee. This film is not the true story of the Wild West, racial discrimination. Movies Tarantino is a combination of excellent plot, acting, great imagination of the Director, as well as blood and scenes of brutality. This film is different and more dramatic. Bravo Tarantino, you’ve managed to do it.

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