Digital Wallpaper for the walls — the embodiment of a unique interior, without unnecessary detail

Digital Wallpaper - the embodiment of a unique interior, without unnecessary detail

Digital wall paper is the continuation of a story called the mural, but on a new and infinitely varied way.

Digital Wallpaper is also referred to as digital projectors, which are regulated by the computer. This kind of laser show, and digital Wallpaper for walls is a printed digital photograph or picture in high resolution. With the right production, the end result of digital printing is a real photographic reproduction of a digital file made without apparent spots and with proper care able for many years to maintain its original appearance.

Photo wall murals are usually printed on paper or non-woven substrate, coated with a special emulsion. At the stage of printing, the printer converts the digital information from a file into pixel data, then the machine feed paper. To influence her in some printers utilize lasers, others light-emitting diode (LED). At the exit of the machine , the photo paper is placed in a light-proof container and delivered to the processor, where the processing of a series of photochemical substances. After that, the finished Wallpaper will undergo the final stage of production – lamination. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that it is possible to print almost any digital image, whether photograph or drawing. The main requirement for printing is the availability of quality raw digital files.

Changes in the world of interior design, which produced digital Wallpaper – huge, as the choices are almost endless. Today, a large area wall, you can see everything, including your own photos. Daily creative designers that develop new prints, considering the rapidly evolving life and tastes of people.

Digital technologies allow factories – manufacturers to provide a wide range of prints and at any time create a new one. The print quality and the uniqueness of the design makes the production of highly specialized digital Wallpaper. Not all manufacturers deserve to be called best , this title should be supported by knowledge, experience and desire to develop skills. All these qualities Swedish company called Rebel Walls, which produces exclusive Wallpapers and Wallpaper. The hallmark of this factory, there are unique ideas that are implemented in the best quality. Designers, help to develop a unique design that will decorate house. The advantage of qualitative fotoprint for walls over conventional Wallpapers is that to create a special interior is possible thanks to only one desktop.

Digital Wallpapers can absolutely discreet and easy atmosphere around, to create a unique and complete interior.

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