Diet tea and sparkling water, is there a difference?

Diet tea and sparkling water, is there a difference

The perception of the word ‘diet’ is that such a product will help in weight loss. There is a big difference between to consume diet tea slimming and diet coke?

Why is diet soda harmful to the body?

Some studies have shown that diet soda is not conducive to weight loss, but may increase the risk to gain extra. In addition to this were made the following conclusions:

  1. Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners without calories, so when applied, your body is unable to distinguish how many calories he has already received, thereby increasing their demand, which could lead to overeating or the need to consume more. Also you psychologically dependent on this drink.
  2. When you give up regular soda and will drink diet soda, drinking a dessert, the trend is that instead of trying to consume about 3 tablespoons of sugar and 150 calories, you usually increase the intake of sugar and calories doubled. This is because you don’t notice it, through the use of diet pop. It is better to use a siphon for aerating the water and make alcoholic beverages. So, you will know exactly what substances and in what quantities to include in your soda pop.
  3. The transition from regular to diet soda really does not make you lose weight because you don’t actually change your eating habits before you eat your favorite high-calorie and fatty foods.
  4. It is also known that carbonated beverages leach calcium from the bones, thus, there is a high risk of osteoporosis, especially for women.
  5. Drinking too much soda which uses artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can lead to cancer, or an overdose of caffeine.

What is the use of tea for weight loss?

Slimming tea, although it contains less calories and sugar compared to a diet soda can also have similar effects when taken in excessive amounts. It contains a diuretic substance that increases fluid loss from the body (urine).

Accordingly, there is very little difference between diet soda and tea for weight loss, although tea is better than soda with sugar. But still the best option to drink water or tea, infused or brewed from fresh tea leaves or bags. If you want to sweeten a drink, use honey or add a slice of lemon in water or tea to give a refreshing taste. Those who love carbonated drinks-drink carbonated water that has no sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no caffeine content.

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